Remarkable photo!


On Saturday I am speaking at a day dedicated to skepticism, ghosts and mediums.  Details here.

Everyone and their dog have brought my attention to this wonderful pic….

How do you see the picture?


73 comments on “Remarkable photo!

  1. Laura says:

    Bonde female hugging a male from behind?

  2. dcmonk79 says:

    3 remote controls.. is that really the world we’re living in!?!?

  3. adros47 says:

    Took me a while to even acknowledge what was so ‘remarkable’, and then when it hit me I had it wrong!

  4. I couldn’t see what was strange about the picture – I thought it was a man hugging blond female – until I saw the post above – and, even then, I thought for 5 seconds that Laura had mis-posted

  5. Suzanne says:

    Dark haired male in purple shirt hugging blonde haired male in black shirt.

  6. Martin Smith says:

    I cannot see anytime out of the ordinary.

  7. Andy Holding says:

    That woman has got very hairy arms…..oh, hang on a minute now I get it. Very good.

  8. CH23 says:

    Easy: the body on the couch has 2 heads, and the body standing there is a fake!

  9. Gary says:

    ha ha at first i saw a male hugging his female partner from behind then i looked at the legs hanging over the arm of the chair and realised they were a bit thick and hairy for a woman!

  10. Holden Caulfield says:

    She needs to shave her legs I think! No, hang on!

  11. Nigel Alexander says:

    Wow! Head swapping?

  12. John Loony says:

    Remarkable how? What’s the question? If the question is what it appears to be (“How do you see the picture?”), then the answer is “By looking at it”. But I’m not sure if that’s the point you’re wanting.

    Am I supposed to be surprised at the preponderance of three different remote controls on the table? Or the inherently bourgeois nincompoopism of the vase of flowers?

  13. Steve Jones says:

    Girl hugging man reading whilst slouching across chair.

  14. Shelley says:

    I thought the guy was standing hugging the girl till I saw the guy’s arms holding the paper.

  15. andrew willoughby says:

    It’s in the kitchen

  16. Creepy but isn’t the blonde’s head wrongly angled to be attached to that body? Unless she’s a freak of nature with her head growing out of her right shoulder.

  17. Caspar says:

    When in doubt always checkout the arm hair.

  18. mit says:

    First, I saw a man hugging a woman.
    Second I wondered what was remarkable, and looked for hidden object in the picture.
    Third I noticed that the woman had strangely strong arms.
    Finally, I noticed what was remarkable.

  19. Zoe Butler says:

    I got it, though I had to sort it out. I suspect that most of us are primed to see figures in dominant positions as males and those in supine positions as female. The brain thus tends to interpret the image as a man standing over a woman. This can be overridden but it’s a clever optical illusion. That’s my take on it.

    • Lazy T says:

      I think it’s just what stands out most, pink shirt over black, complete man’s head over partial woman’s, they are what you see first and are assumed to be a man in pink.

  20. Carol says:

    At first I though it was the guy leaning over, but thought it looked a bit ‘staged’ somehow. After a minute or two, realised the arms holding the paper were hairy, so he was sitting and she was hugging. lol, good one!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was a male hugging a woman from behind, until I saw the hairy arm holding the paper and then noticed that both heads good be viewed as “belonging” to either body.

  22. John Loony says:

    Having read the later comments in the thread, I now realise what the reason was as to why you showed us the picture in the first place. But why would anyone get confused about which person is which in the first place? The woman with the pink top is clearly behind, and the man is clearly sitting on the couch reading. The angle of the heads makes it immediately obvious, without anyone needing to analyse the hairyness or the hairynesslessness of the arms.

  23. Tom Ruffles says:

    The garden needs tidying.

    Actually I thought it was a man with a big head on a rather small body until I realised I had the heads the wrong way round (so to speak).

  24. Tom Ruffles says:

    Is this a variation on a ‘Necker’ cube?

  25. One Eyed Jack says:

    Size matters! They say it doesn’t, but oh, I know better. 😉

    Looking at it on the blog, it looked like the woman is seated and the man is behind.

    “Imbiggen” it and the details become clear, showing the opposite is true.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why has Richard posted this as a “remarkable Photo”? I think he ether needs to get out more or find new material.

  27. Laura says:

    Sherlock Holmes appears.. to be very interested in this illusion – hes just making a cup to tea right now

  28. Laura says:

    Then again it could be Dr Who (circ78)

  29. Shecky R says:

    scarlet red upholstery… yuck!

  30. Anonymous says:

    hahahaaha .. great .. man is wear the black shirt .. nice pic

  31. Gus Snarp says:

    Took me a minute to figure that one out. It’s the capri pants on the man that make it work.

  32. Brilliant, is this a straight shot or is there an element of Photoshop involved. Either the woman’s got very hairy arms and legs and the man rather short arms or it deserves a very second look.

  33. Mervulon says:

    “But why would anyone get confused about which person is which in the first place?” Because clearly that is the way it appears to most people at first glance. Only Super Geniuses like you get straight away.

  34. physicalist says:

    I can switch the man’s head back and forth between bodies at will. Now that’s an impressive power.

  35. Paul says:

    Forget the Necker cube. It’s the Necker necks!

  36. Randy says:

    I read the first line in the post about ghosts and mediums and kept looking for a ghost in the background of the image. The photo is remarkable in that it has no proof of a ghostly presence with the guy and his girlfriend with the hairy arms.

  37. billbomar says:

    It was the capri pants that made me first think the girl was in the chair, I then thought the guy’s head was unusually large, but then it clicked and I now see that they are way too interested in this weeks supermarket advertisement.
    However… I still don’t see the gorilla. Any help?

  38. Emma says:

    It looks like there are 3 people. It seems that the guy whose head we can see is leaning over the couch, then we can see a woman’s head to his right. The legs seem to belong to neither of them. It’s like there’s a 3rd person sitting on the couch, whose head we can’t see.

    Pretty good!

  39. MrPeach says:

    They have a DVD player on the coffee table which is not hooked up. Why isn’t it hooked up? Is it a comment on rejecting our passive consumer lifestyle?

  40. Ronda says:

    Now that one is good! Took me a bit!

  41. Oh! I thought at first everyone was in some secret club of understanding, now I get it

  42. Bletherskite says:

    At first glance I thought it was the guy standing hugging his girlfriend in the chair but a second glance cleared it up to be t’other way round.

  43. Derek says:

    Dark haired male sitting, blonde female behind. I saw it the wrong way round initially. The arms were the clue to my error.

  44. Rayne says:

    Same here. At first I wasn’t sure what was so remarkable, a man hugging a woman from behind as she read. Then I noticed lol

  45. tghhh says:

    At first I was expecting to find a ghost in the picture, but then I saw the gorilla.

  46. anibal morbo says:

    primero vi a una chica de brazos cruzados acostada en el sillon y su novio le mostraba algo en el diario, luego vi lo real

  47. prasanna says:

    A girl wearing a pink color shirt hugging a guy wearing black color shirt from backside

  48. Very clever. My first impression was the ghost leaning against the wall outside the patio doors looking in at the couple. Maybe that’s just a little bit too weird and I need better glasses!

  49. Anonymous says:

    a guy hugging another guy

  50. Jenni says:

    At first look, I thought the guy had the magenta shirt. Then I corrected myself. I cannot see it the other way, now.

  51. Anonymous says:

    they switched the head of both people

  52. Kevin says:

    That’s not a woman

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