Choose a colour…..


There was an amazing response to the first part of the experiment yesterday – many thanks for that!  It’s time for the second part of our experiment. Today I would like everyone to vote in this poll…..

Yesterday I asked you to try to predict exactly what percentage of people will choose BLUE.  The poll will close at exactly 10pm (UK time) tonight. I will then look at the answers and send a signed copy of one of my books to the person who is closest.


27 comments on “Choose a colour…..

  1. saoili says:

    Blue was in my head so much after yesterday that I almost picked it, even though I don’t much like blue and I said a low number. So far looking like the ‘over a third’ people were right. I wonder if it’s because they’re voting blue to make it so?

  2. saoili says:

    Um, it seems to be possible to vote more than once, even from the same device. Is that intentional?

  3. Charles Sullivan says:

    I picked blue just for spite. Perhaps I’m not the only one.

  4. The other Matt says:

    The order of the answerst changes on every reload of the page. In the original question the order was “RED, BLUE, GREEN”. I think if red is on top of the list the people will take red. If there is a question about the favourite colour then the answer is blue. But because the polling is started here and not in a classroom, the people are thinking too much about the question and about their made inputs.

  5. Al says:

    How are you accounting for the influence of yesterday’s poll on today’s poll?

  6. Brian says:

    Why are you assuming that the experiment is not to see how many people will not do what they want to do in order to be correct? Would be fairly easy to track if you had the time.

  7. M says:

    I expected red to be chosen more than green. That’s not the case…

  8. song bird. says:

    I think its just the thought that drives people to choose blue. yesterday most of us agreed that blue will be more because we are forced to think about blue, but due to our thought itself we put up percentages like 90 or more. so obviously, we will be choosing blue to rise the percentage. also those who put 50 or so (like me) would choose red or green.
    thats just how I look at it though.

  9. Emma says:

    Again, wondered if this was a trick. I clicked a button on the screen of my message and was brought to the poll, but there was no indication of which colour was which – just 3 buttons for you to choose from. I assumed that it was a practical joke. But then I clicked ‘Comment’ and saw that the poll is printed here as well. So I voted again. I’m not going to say how I voted . . .

  10. Karl says:

    I choose BLUE because I thought everyone else would have chosen a different colour because of the question yesterday, therefore I wouldn’t have been like everyone else.

  11. Karl says:

    Also if the question asked yesterday wasn’t asked, I would’ve chosen blue anyway.

  12. duck says:

    I’m finding it incredibly difficult to see how this prediction and poll could provide any useful or interesting information. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Berber Anna says:

      You could, for instance, do a quick check of social media to see how many people are getting their friends to vote strategically to get the poll to their desired outcome. I know I tried… not enough friends, though 😛

  13. Tom Ruffles says:

    A signed copy of one book? Derren Brown’s doing a twitter comp and the prize is dinner at the Ivy! You could at least make it two books.

  14. Chris says:

    It appears that most people responding have not understood what today’s poll was asking for.

  15. Geoff says:

    given that the people estimating the responses were the same sample that made the responses, surely this result is skewed?

  16. Alex Gibbons says:

    Looks like Sasa won with 37.96% just .02% off – well done!

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