1. As you can see, all the smaller objects are put together on big plates. I could imagine them being glued on, none the less I think it is quite possible to do the stunt as you see it on the video.

  2. the latter part has got to be false, marketing by insurance companies is usually a pile of bunkum!
    the earlier tablecloth stuff looks like a slick skilled trick tho’

  3. I don’t doubt it’s real.

    But I have to address the people who are claiming it’s real because they seen him do it live. Have you ever seen David Copperfield live?

  4. It looks genuine to me. You see how he prepares the sheet for putting it back, getting the edge flat on the table. It looks like the crocks might have rounded bottoms to make it easier as well. I bet it took a lot of practice.

  5. I’m afraid it’s real, monkeys!

    No magnets or other gimmicks, no things glued to trays, just practice and a lot of broken china in the early days!

    been doing it as the finale to one of my acts for about 20 years now, and yeah, it’s also me on that insurance ad – sorry about that..
    For a while I used to finish by pulling it off, and after a couple of years you start to think think “How would I top that..?” and then you spend wayyy to long working out if putting it back would be possible, and if it is then how would you do it etc etc..

    In my business it’s nice to have something completely unique, so there it is – my signature trick! Glad you all like it!

    Mat Ricardo

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