1. Very effective, I see the centre patch lurch to the right as the star rises and shudder to the left as the star falls, then I can’t focus properly to read.

    1. I’ve got left and right muddled, the movement is to the right as the star falls and less pronounced to the right on as the star rises. Holiday hangover.

  2. Had to make it full screen to get the effect, and then like some others it was much more pronounced on the downstroke than the up.

  3. I don’t need the star; the background was moving before I started the video. I get this effect staring at my innocent brown and white speckled carpet sometimes… It would be interesting to know why I’m so susceptible to this type of illusion – anyone know if there’s any research on it?

    (p.s. Stumbled upon this fascinating blog today, via Derren Brown’s.)

  4. Nothing at all I thought first when it was in the little video window on the blog. But when I made it fullscreen it works, both up and down. Has to be a big enough part of you field of vision i think.

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