Dennis M and David B both brought this to my attention – is a fantastic clip of a great psychology experiment/practical joke that is well worth 2 minutes of your time…..


  1. That’s just a straightforward practical joke on a low-buget TV programme. How does it count as a “psychology experiment”?

    1. You’ve got to be kidding! Candid camera, while sometimes could be ok, most times the jokes were too long and drawn out that by the end it was “who cares?” This show, has no dialogue and has scene after scene of different situations, if you dont find one funny, there’s another in just a minute, and some are hilarious– Far and away better than Candid Camera

  2. Just for Laughs – Gags is a wonderfully clever show which has aired for years out of my native Montreal. Each episode is packed with these Candid Camera-like events, most of them very funny. Despite the elephant, this one doesn’t rank too high on their scale. 😉 But if you could tune into various episodes, it’s a real hoot.

  3. I love how all the people feel that they MUST. POINT. OUT. that there’s a pink elephant passing by — apparently so they can feel that their senses aren’t deceiving them (they seem to want the traffic cop to see it as well and reassure them).
    Frankly, if that were me, I’d stop trying after their first refusal to look. If they don’t want to see the funny painted elephant, then that’s their loss, not mine.

  4. Funny! But I hope they removed all that paint from the elefunk afterwards. Can’t be good for his skin’s breathability.

  5. exactly..i agree with claudioBG
    there can be two things-
    1. the people were too dumb
    2.this was all scheduled and planned to happen, i mean..they had to act so.

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