Some colleagues and I have just published a paper in the British Journal of Psychology on the duck-rabbit illusion (the paper was published with Caroline Watt, Ken Gilhooly and George Georgiou and the abstract is here).  We basically found that the easier you find it to flip between the two interpretations of the image, the more creative you are.  So, in honour of this great occasion, I give you not one, not two, but eleven duck-rabbit images….












Which is your favourite? Vote now!


  1. Fascinating. I find blinking to be my brains signal to switch perspective (when I tell it). The faster I blink the faster the switch. Weird but cool!

  2. Fliping them is one thing, but I tried to see both at the same time. Now my brain hurts. :/
    Number 6 is my favourite, but that’s because I love taxidermy art.

  3. Does switching ability really tie up with creativity? It also helps if you have seen this type of images before.

    To improve fast switching, you can just move your eyes from one snout to the other: the beak of the duck, the nose of the rabbit. I like image (10) because it guides you to do this. (6) is just freaky.

    1. Maybe your work inspired a taxidermist, but I don’t think it’s photoshopped as you can find photos of different angles of it online.

  4. There are some really excellent ones here. Hard choice. #9 is the only one that just didn’t work for me–the rabbit ears just aren’t right. #11 is very cool, but I chose #7 because they’re both in reasonably natural poses.

  5. Weird but the previous night :\ I drew some stuff on paper.. Mostly face impressions eyes :S And i drew duck 2 times. I was listening to your audiobook O_o this creeps me out still..

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