If you are in the USA, then please have an early Xmas present on me.  The kindle edition of my book, Did you spot the gorilla?, is free today!  Click here.

The ever gorgeous Phil Plait sent me this lovely profile-apple illusion….

And @medtek brought my attention to this…..

Which one works best for you?


  1. Hmm, didn’t quite get the second one. I understand why it should work and if I look at the heads so the arms in my periphery then it kind of looks like the girl on the left is tugging rather forcefully on the boob of the girl on the right, but looking down any further it becomes obvious quite quickly ;:(

  2. Bottom one gave me a real double take, but it’s difficult to see the rude version after a second look.
    Apple is nice, but I think could be be done a little less obviously with some more stylised faces

    1. I totally agree, the apple one is too easy. And you can flip backwards and forwards between the two images easily. The rude one took me totally by suprise, but when you realise what it really is you wonder how you ever got it wrong in the first place. Jusat goes to show we must be hardwired to spot nudity!

  3. I see Dalai Lama and Bill Clinton in the first one. I wonder if others see different people. I like the first one, but I don’t care much for the second one.

  4. The first one (the apple) is a bit obvious, I think, but it’s okay. With the second one, once you realise what you’re looking at, you can’t go back to seeing it any other way.

  5. Until I read the text I didn’t realise the first picture was anything other than a picture of a melted candle. However I still struggle to see the second one without concentrating to see the arm.

    I guess that says something about how my mind works!

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