Static moving fish…..


Thanks for all the wonderful film suggestions yesterday – I will take a long look at them all and let you know what I decide.  Meanwhile, both Marc K and Manuel W sent me this amazing video of static moving fish.  Basically, the fish are static, but the table uses a moiré patternvto create the illusion of movement….

Would you want one in your living room?


10 comments on “Static moving fish…..

  1. Damocles says:

    Cool, can I get one for my front room?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is like that children’s book “Kick”! My boys love that.

  3. riffy says:

    I want one on the side of my car

  4. Lazy T says:

    neat application, but my table tops are always covered in junk

  5. If it was on my wall I wouldn’t get anything done. I’d be found staring blankly at it, a thin line of drool to my chin

  6. Ballookey says:

    I want it so much, I’m trying to decide if I can make something like that.

  7. Anybody notice the Fiat 500 ad below Magi-carpet? Reverse genders, but not physical height and strength disparity. How would that would fly?

  8. Sarah Hazel says:

    And you don’t even have to feed them!

  9. Miss T says:


  10. anibal morbo says:

    very creative

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