@dwyersean brought my attention to this great image yesterday – can you spot the hidden face?


    1. Two questions:
      1. Am I crazy? I also found many and various birds. A bishop with his staff, a
      tonsured monk Two horses A cross on a table..and another one. brontosaurus. MANY
      faces.shadow of a man with a knife….and the list goes on and on! Dogs cats A
      spiral shell. A long striped snake.

      2. Is a high-resolution of this picture available?

      Louie in New Orleans –Hot and humid New Orleans – C’mon down and have a beer.

  1. After a while pareidolia sets in and you see faces everywhere in the leaves and rocks… no human ones though, if that is in there I can’t find it.

    1. start at the bottom right of pic .. slowly work your way up to the first sign of green leaves, look a little to the left …. there he is … the eyes are wide open

    1. Thanks for doing that. Comment threads on posts like this exist for no other reason than to correct the problem of not putting the answer in the original post and it’s tiresome to have to read through 100’s of stupid, meaningless comments before getting to one where someone has the sense to do this.

      I also approve of the convention of labeling it by “SPOILER.” Let’s keep doing this in the future so that the worthwhile post can be located by a quick search.

  2. Is this a trick question? Because I just read the chapter on suggestibility in your book, and now I don’t believe anything you say.

      Rightmost edge, approximately a quarter of the way from the bottom to the top of the picture, partially covered in leaves, but definitely human (or zombie). Once you see it, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

  3. omg111!11!11 its a gost. call derik akora now 2 find out wot sam tells him abuot it cos its awsum an most huntid is da bestest fing eva an yvette is so coool an stuff.

    Of course, this post will only actually make sense to anyone who ever visited the old Most Haunted forum 7 or 8 years ago… ;o)

  4. It took me ages to find it, even with the spoilers. It’s rubbish. It’s about 40 degrees tilted to the right, with its “lips” open. The green leaves are the “forehead” and left “cheek”, and the dark spaces between the leaves are the “eyes” and “mouth”.

  5. Out of interest, what do you call the process of seeing a normal picture and gradually seeing another in the original one? X

  6. “Apparently if you don’t click on the image you can’t find it. Small image impossible. Big image almost immediate”

    Yah, that’s because (at least on my screen) the small image is centered, but the larger image shows up in the upper-left corner of my monitor, thus putting the face dead center.

  7. In the small picture the eyes are undifferentiated blobs, in the large they have noticeable pupils and the rest of the face just “pops” into recognition.


  8. Yeah, weird looking, but the more I looked at the picture I saw another three faces of animals, suppose you could find more, wouldnt like to meet that person on a dark night though lol

  9. After clicking to see the enlarged version of the photo, I saw the one everyone’s talking about – but what I immediately noticed on the small version was the face in the rocks – profile view, just to the left of the corner facing the camera, looking towards the bottom left of the image.

  10. Requim for a Dream

    it’s about the effects of drug abuse. i think it’s gonna be suitable since your audience falls under the category of those who would experiment.

    or maybe American Psycho or The Machinist. all are good psycho baased films.

  11. I see 3, wonder if there’s more.


    1) Lower right. Look along the right edge about 3/4 way down from top.

    2) Just to the right of the main stone block, looks like they screaming. If you found image 1, look directly to the left until just before the main stone block.

    3) Just left of center on the main stone block. The eyes from image 3 are level with the eyes in image 1 and with the mouth from image 2. Possible beard / mustache.

  12. It took me forever to find it …couldn’t have found it with all the above tips…thanx…he is freaky…usually I can find these on my own but this one was hard

  13. I’d be interested if I am the only one that can spot a swing set. A cathedral, a massive archway, the usual munks and forest creatures –

    Here’s the scary part—for me. Without forcing the issue- there’s a bunch of penises, too–WHEN YOU VUEW THE PICTURE FROM ALL ROTATIONS______IN BLACK AND WHITE>

    I’d be glad to send you an attachment to decide wether or not I have a strang, perverted mind

  14. Yes i found the face but a lot of other things which were to obvious to be illusions (like a alien and horse head and a duck/rabbit ON A TREE and lots more) so shortly put i am a follower of spirit science (not just youtube channell but SS itself) so if the “creator” of this picture could contact me i would love to hear some explanations and reason for this picture . I wish you a good day , Namaste .

  15. Face it. you haven’t seen the face. When you do, it will be slightly haunting. Here is a rough sketch i did to try and outline the head’s profile. As you can see, It takes up nearly the whole picture.

  16. Creepy. Hope that is photoshopped and not a disposed body. I saw a mouse and thought that it’s face was what we were looking for since I was looking at Tennessee Snake photos and wildlife.

  17. Creepy. Hope that is photoshopped and not a disposed body. I saw a mouse and thought that it’s face was what we were looking for since I was looking at Tennessee Snake photos and wildlife.

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