Best pareidolia ever?


I love this happy microwave oven…..

and @jbrownridge just sent me this wonderful aerial picture of Hong Kong….

Which do you prefer?


21 comments on “Best pareidolia ever?

  1. sarikha says:

    1st. cos its too common yet too little noticed.

  2. Both are great, but the microwave makes me happy!

  3. Love the microwave! The Hong Kong one’s scary.

  4. Navneeth says:

    Certainly not the best. The pareidolees are simplistic.

    Hong kong is wackier and more colourful. I prefer that one.

  5. Korbus says:

    I like both, but the microwave makes me giggle. Love it!

  6. Both great but I prefer the microwave

  7. Miss T says:

    The microwave made me smile

  8. Ale says:

    The first one!

  9. Paul Pearson says:

    Two entirely dichotomous pics! The HK pic looks angry, so right now – thanks to mediocrity at work – I like it better!

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  11. Genna says:

    The microwave first…

  12. Greg23 says:

    Took me forever to find it on Google Earth. Tried Google image for identification – no luck. It’s 23.5 miles slightly south of due west from the west edge of the Hong Kong airport.

  13. Lazy T says:

    Happy Microwave !

  14. Sohvan says:

    I like the Hong Kong one

  15. I’m just releasing a series of videos about pareidolia. I trained myself to see faces everywhere. Funny thing is: I noticed the faces I see seem to reflect (or to comment on) my mood. I see more happy faces, when I’m happy myself. If I’m uneasy I see scared or scary faces. I hardly see sad faces, but when I do, I feel I must be sad. So I prefer the microwave.
    Here are a lot of pareidolia faces (first of the series!):

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