@eat_sleep_mma and @DerrenBrown brought my attention to this wonderful collection of weird images (click here).  My favourite is this one here…..

I thought that it would make for a great caption competition.  So, feel free to post your captions and comment on others…..



  1. “Carl’s kidnappers were easily identified: the husband and wife team were picked up by Pinesdale county sheriffs at a local tavern. Patrons described a man wearing a pine cone adorned sweater and a woman with a belly button length beard. The boy is at home with his parents unharmed but still complains of nightmares about ‘badly dressed goats.'”

  2. Timmy thought he would never be adopted from the orphanage until the day a shinny space ship landed in the play yard.

  3. “The old German traditions of the punishing Wainachtsmen were one of the first casualties of The War On Christmas, here we see a paramilitary Santa-Unit in the European Theatre during the First War On Christmas”

  4. “You always go overboard each year on your Halloween costume, dear!
    Your nephews scared to death. I can’t find a pulse. Check his heart…
    Oh shit. What will we tell your sister?”

  5. I have seen that photo before. It was labeled as a photo of a visited by mummers. Of course, I have no way to be sure that my memory is correct or the label then was true.

  6. Always verify the identity of the minions of Satan when they come to collect your first-born child that you sold to the devil. Identity theft is on the rise.

  7. Some have claimed that that there are things that are so terrifying, that the they bend the very laws of physics when they are observed. One could compare it in a sense to the collapse of the wave function.

    Until that moment, neither Timmy nor anyone else had ever observed such a thing—much less captured it on camera—but photos don’t lie, and the terror ensued caused Timmy to levitate approximately 9 inches from the ground.

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