Can you create the best caption?


@eat_sleep_mma and @DerrenBrown brought my attention to this wonderful collection of weird images (click here).  My favourite is this one here…..

I thought that it would make for a great caption competition.  So, feel free to post your captions and comment on others…..



71 comments on “Can you create the best caption?

  1. When Easter Bunnies Go Bad…

  2. Beanyboo says:

    “dude, I cannot believe you stole that mannequin from the store. Your Mom is gonna be so pissed.”

  3. Andrew says:

    VH1 Presents: Home Alone: The True Hollywood Story

  4. Danny says:

    who hangs a key on a door frame…honestly.

  5. Neal says:

    If you don’t pay the ransom we are going to take this small foliage and wreak havoc with little johnny’s hay fever!!

  6. Andrew Wragg says:

    Donnie Darko Jr. realising his quantum knot is unravelling.

  7. mtskeptic says:

    “Carl’s kidnappers were easily identified: the husband and wife team were picked up by Pinesdale county sheriffs at a local tavern. Patrons described a man wearing a pine cone adorned sweater and a woman with a belly button length beard. The boy is at home with his parents unharmed but still complains of nightmares about ‘badly dressed goats.'”

  8. Ray says:

    These cryptic after shave adverts are getting out of hand

  9. @davebakedpotato says:

    A young Boris Johnson is ‘encouraged’ to go into politics by his supportive parents.

  10. Craig Morgan says:

    Timmy thought he would never be adopted from the orphanage until the day a shinny space ship landed in the play yard.

  11. Optimistic ginger says:

    ‘We haven’t told him he’s adopted yet, so don’t mention it’

  12. peytondracco says:

    “Trick or treat? …What do you mean you are out of candy apples!?”

  13. Zoe Butler says:

    “Strangers Will Robinson!”

  14. Tom Nash says:

    All too late, Timmy realised the “Easter Bunny” was not, in fact, who he said he was.

  15. Anonymous says:

    say cheese?…oh for fucks sake!

  16. The Engineer says:

    “The old German traditions of the punishing Wainachtsmen were one of the first casualties of The War On Christmas, here we see a paramilitary Santa-Unit in the European Theatre during the First War On Christmas”

  17. The Engineer says:

    Weihnachtsmen! Not Wainachtsmen.

  18. Criticalbounce says:

    “You always go overboard each year on your Halloween costume, dear!
    Your nephews scared to death. I can’t find a pulse. Check his heart…
    Oh shit. What will we tell your sister?”

  19. jak says:

    After a couple of years, the photographers strategy for handling bad hair days got out of hand.

  20. Tom says:

    Wait! Beware of the mighty Floating Key…

  21. Santa sends in his “elves” to check if Johnny had been a good boy this year.

  22. Ivan says:

    “Suddenly, little Johnny realized why people ran from him and he didn’t have any friend in HellTown”

  23. Richard Colley says:

    The first recruit for the Wiseman & Brown Academy enrolls with great enthusiasm.

  24. Rob H says:

    Combining poor handwriting with a request to Jim’ll Fix to meet Santa led to dire consequences

  25. Tony T says:

    The other branch of the Addams family and their weird nephew.

  26. Carl Hogg says:

    Mum! The scarecrows have escaped from the garden again..

  27. Anonymous says:

    footage from the initial video for ‘horse outside’

  28. Adam Huntley says:

    Mum- these two nice men want to explain how you can save over 20% a month from your current broadband provider!

  29. Richard says:

    Its a while since I’ve seen the earthling Zark milk delivery man Martha.

  30. AMWhy says:

    Little Tommy was so excited to show his new friends to his mum that he forgot to knock before entering the room.

  31. Donna says:

    I have seen that photo before. It was labeled as a photo of a visited by mummers. Of course, I have no way to be sure that my memory is correct or the label then was true.

  32. No, really – they followed me home. Can I keep them??

  33. Jon says:

    Come now, Johnny. You’re not going to church dressed like that!

  34. Lazy T says:

    Another caption competition! Why won’t people take us seriously as prospective members of parliament?

  35. Steve says:

    Do the Krampus!

  36. Mike Torr says:

    “This one’s still alive you idiot – I can feel its heart beating!”

    By the way, here are some more like those, only a bit more recent…

  37. J. D. says:

    After Arrow split, Oblio realized that the Land of Point is actually a dark and scary place.

  38. Weirdly enough, this is not the first Krampus I’ve seen this week.

  39. Adam Slagell says:

    The real Harry Potter when the wizard Dumbledore first came to rescue him.

  40. Todio says:

    Mom? Remember you said there were no monsters in the closet?

  41. Ken Haley says:

    Mom! Look what followed me home. Can I keep ’em? Huh? Can I?

  42. Jason says:

    Dorothy suspected that her party invitations may possibly have included a couple of serious typos.

  43. You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.

  44. avernl says:

    “Scarecrow strike has finally started”

  45. The Pick Man says:

    It’s silly. Fancy buttons on the sides of his trousers at his age!

  46. Vern says:

    I never was much good at making friends.

  47. Erin says:

    Always verify the identity of the minions of Satan when they come to collect your first-born child that you sold to the devil. Identity theft is on the rise.

  48. Malcolm Russell says:

    Family photos became faintly awkward after they had wee Patrick stuffed.

  49. Tim says:

    John Rumpelstiltskin, Age 8

  50. Mark Smith says:

    Timmy was not alarmed by the two gentlemen until he learned that they referred to themselves as “Bald Knobbers.”

  51. james says:

    Tarantino’s remake of Home Alone will be hitting cinemas in 2012

  52. r says:

    Prototype vikings.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Jehova’s Witnesses calling.

  54. Adam Fraser says:

    Some have claimed that that there are things that are so terrifying, that the they bend the very laws of physics when they are observed. One could compare it in a sense to the collapse of the wave function.

    Until that moment, neither Timmy nor anyone else had ever observed such a thing—much less captured it on camera—but photos don’t lie, and the terror ensued caused Timmy to levitate approximately 9 inches from the ground.

  55. Jerry says:

    Send this kid to camp.

  56. Des says:

    “Please let me go, Dr Wiseman.”

  57. Kieran says:

    We have found the chosen one. . .

  58. Sylvia says:

    ‘Dear God,’ thought little Timmy, ‘let me grow 10 inches, so my feet touch the ground again!’

  59. Dan says:

    Billy began to regret his decision to speak with the recruiters from Penn State.

  60. Henry Ruddle says:

    “Mendel had better be right about those recessive genes or the kid gets it!”

  61. “Wait! Wait! I need something to remember Jimmy….*click* “

  62. arjay says:

    Timmy hated visiting and Grandma and Grampus.

  63. Kalahari_Surfer says:

    This was the moment a young David Bowie decided he’d just have to act normal and try to fit in

  64. Dimitri says:

    In the odd pictures collection the 47th is especially weird for me…

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