The other day I had an idea for a Quirkology video.  It involved performing a stunt that I have performed many times before.  It has never gone wrong in the past, so I thought ‘Well, it should be fine to put my new MacBook Pro on the line’.  It wasn’t….

Did it make you laugh?


    1. Lol, i got one for that too, and then my teacher spilt coffee on her laptop (at school)

  1. Yes, your reaction made me laugh, especially after the warning not to try this over something valuable before practicing it!

    But did the Macbook survive?

  2. The question is, was that a working MacBook Pro in the first place or a ‘spares or repairs’ one bought on eBay? After all, there was nothing displayed on the MacBook screen.

    I’ll stand corrected and send my commiserations if it was a working MacBook Pro. Just seemed rather set up for that payoff at the end.

  3. Many years ago, when a pound was considerably more valuable, a friend used to walk into a pub, lean casually on the bar, take out a cigarette lighter and set fire to a pound note. Once it had quite burnt away, he would drop the remnants into an ashtray and walk out. He said the looks on the faces of those around him made it the best value pound he ever spent.

    I suspect the same argument might be applied in this instance.

  4. To be honest, I did laugh a lot…
    Because you reacted quickly, I guess you have a fair chance of the MacBook surviving.
    I once accidentally put my mp3-player into the washing mashine and it survived (gave it three days of drying, though), so good luck to you.

  5. I work as a sound recordist for television and have had many a microphone pack drop in to ‘the bowl’ by inattentive actors. The trick is to (a) remove the battery as quickly as possible and (b) submerge the entire thing in a bowl of uncooked rice for a couple of days. The rice absorbs the water and creates a desiccating environment that draws any moisture off of circuit boards and out of hidden crevices. Works like a charm provided that damage hasn’t already been done.

  6. I have the same computer, and it survived a spill once, I turned it OFF and let i dry for a couple of days standing like so /\

  7. Should survive if you let it dry thoroughly before turning on. (A blow dryer may help) If it was on, it may have been damaged. Keep up posted about what happened to the machine. Cheers! P.S. Stop playing with water!

    1. Of course it doesn’t work, and the whole point of Mr Wiseman doing the gag at the end, making out he ruined a Mac was simply because he’s a considerate guy and knows that even if there is one person out there who was dumb enough to try it to impress their mates, and they ruined something because of it, he’d feel really bad.

    2. Its a illusion, he had a slip of plastic/glass that was supposed to keep it from falling through. I did it before at my friend’s mum’s house, scared the crap outta everyone. Yeah, its a trick, pause the video just as the water slips out, then you’ll see it.

  8. One of the cons of a Mac is that the battery is inside, so you need to actually screw it open to get the battery out, but as I just said,, I simply turned it off, and dried it. Still works flawlessly a year later, but I might have been just lucky.

  9. I always enjoy seeing one of the Beast’s devices die. Screw Apple and their jailing of the users: you’ve just found a way out.

  10. I think that the first part of the trick is applied physics. I don’t believe that the water would stay in the glass after the card was removed and I don’t believe that was a new MacBook, I think it was a damaged one. But a good trick non the less. 🙂

  11. Hmm, i did laugh. Now I wonder if this is a psychology experiment?

    The “piece of paper” looks strangely thick. And beyond that, I suspect there is a round clear piece of plastic in involved.

  12. Yes, schadenfreude 🙂
    If you use a small glass you could bring it up to the camera and actually _before_ your MacBook. The perspective will make us believe that it’s above your computer…
    well, next time 😉

    1. You didn’t explain why when he tipped the Mac that water was dripping from it. But as i’m a nice guy, I will for you. The camera angle was slightly different the second time, and if you notice, the corner of the mac on the right of your screen is out of shot, that is to conceal what is probably a straw, that has been carefully filled with water, sealed at one end and taped to the underside of the Mac, down that side. If you watch carefully you never see the underneath of that corner.

  13. Hahaha I had the same thing happen to me. Well… minus the neat trick… the cat knocked over a glass of water while I was sleeping (so I guess it wasn’t the same thing at all.) Anyway, the keyboard and trackpad stopped working and there were other strange behaviors. I eventually purchased a new one and put the broken one in my closet. After about 6 months a friend came to visit and I let him use my “broken” Mac. I came home from work one day and he was using it without the external mouse/keyboard. He forgot to hook them up but it was working just fine. It works perfectly now!

  14. LOOOOL so funny, I would die if that happened to MY mac 😉
    I bougt it like 1 week ago, cost da bomb, but realli cool trick 🙂

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