Everyone and their dog have kindly sent me this…..

It is great, especially if you cover up the bottom of the image with your hand.

Like it?


  1. I no longer find this one that impressive, now that everyone and their dog has blogged, posted and tweeted it to death by now. And yes, there are a lot of people out there who have created a blog, Facebook profile, and/or Twitter account for their dog (and/or other pet)…

  2. You’re working a hard house (as it would seem from the above comments), but I like it. Yet when i cover up the bottom of the image with my hand, well, it looks normal. I guess that’s the point (of reference).

  3. This is really bizzare – it’s very obvious that the shadow comes from a flag, and the perspective doesn’t line up at all, but it’s nevertheless a very powerful illusion!

  4. The lady is casting a shadow. It runs just slightly up and to the left. The microphone does as well. The sun must be nearly straight up, but slightly behind the photographer, who is standing near yet another flagpole.

    I like it!

  5. I think what is interesting with this picture is that there is no trick: it is obvious from the start that the shadow is from a flagpole. However one’s brain still tries to see what is evidently not there, and thus the flying carpet appears…

  6. I cannot see what the surprise is here.

    Is that the only visible audience is in wet suits and she is turned 90degrees away from them?

  7. It works, well, a little for the whole picture. Kind of like Luke’s speeder in the special edition of episode IV.

    When covering up the bottom shadow, I see the picture as rather mundane, and weirdly composed at that.

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