Yesterday’s hidden image went down well, so here are two more.  First, Bernadette V sent me this one….

And @two_blokes sent me this….can you spot the dolphin?

Did you spot them?


  1. Elphent, found in 2 secs. For rose, first I thought it was some kind of trick to make people see “things” and then in next 2 secs it was there. So both have embedded images.

  2. Guess I’m the only one who saw #2 first. Got that one right away while the top one took a little bit of searching, maybe 20 seconds or so.

    1. I know it’s in the rose found that in 0secs can. BUt can’t find the elapant

    1. I assume that the elephant picture is photoshopped rather than a coincidence, but in any case elephants do have ragged edges on their ears, so if it is real it doesn’t mean it was clipped or trimmed that way.

  3. These were both really easy, and in particular the dolphin jumped out at me (no pun intended). The elephant ear face took a little longer.

    I still haven’t figured out what’s in the previous post.

  4. The first one was very easy, but I had to cheat on the rose. Once I saw it, I cannot explain why I didn’t see it immediately, being so obvious…

  5. I saw these 2 easily (yeah, the “dolphin” hint probably made it easier to find). But yesterday’s… First it took me a while to realize that there was more to the picture than the pretty, young maiden. After getting beyond her I couldn’t see a hidden image. Even after having it pointed out to me, it wasn’t striking…I am partially color blind so that might explain it.

  6. Yes, I could spot both. No problem. Should not have given the dolphin hint, that made it easier!! Great stuff!! Cheers!

  7. The dolphin jumped right out (so to speak) — probably without the hint, it would have take longer.

    The elephant picture wasn’t immediately obvious, but then my eye was drawn to a patch that seemed manipulated, and hidden image emerged.

  8. the rose was easy since i was told to look for a dolphin. I spotted it instantly. The elephant took a little long though, until i leaned my head about 45 degrees to the left.

  9. Took me 5 minutes to find the first one. If it wasn’t for the dolphin clue on the 2nd, don’t think I would have found it.

    1. Ahh, I missed the dolphin clue. After finding the dolphin I was able to see the first one. I still cannot find anything in yesterday’s image.

  10. So, I saw the image in the elephant photo – very nice. But I didn’t see the dolphin. Was it in the left, right, upper or lower part of the photo?! And I THINK I saw the image yesterday. Was there a man in the trunk of the tree on the right? It wasn’t clear enough, I think.

    1. Instead of the player I saw a blonde naked girl tied to the tree. (you can only see part of her head and her hands round the trunk.) Obviously by Tiger Woods, because there’s a golf club left standing by the tree (on its left) 😉

  11. Funny, because in the last few years, I’ve had issues with object-field situations — yet, I’ve been solving these problems in 5 seconds or less. Probably because I know I’m dealing with a subject-field problem?

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