Take a look at this picture…..

Can you see the embedded hidden thing?  If so, just post a quick ‘yes’ in the comments box, but don’t say what or where it is!



  1. I’m having a lot of trouble seeing it, so as of this posting, still no. Then again, I’m also really scared of it being one of those secretly-animated GIFs where some monster face fills up the image after a few seconds, so maybe I could be looking more intently. 🙂

  2. No. Er, it’s not a very scientific survey if only the “Yes” people are allowed to answer, is it? Have you ever heard of a “self-selecting sample”? I’ll probably stare at it for about 20 minutes and then suddenly go “Oh of course!!!!!”, but not yet.

  3. Thirty minutes later: still no.

    I am wondering whether there is something vitally important about the precise wording of the question?

    Or whether it’s a big thing or a small detail?

    Or whether there are subtle clues in some of the answers given so far?

    When will we be told (a) the answer, or (b) a clue? I notice it’s not Friday yet, so it’s not the normal timetable for a puzzle.

  4. “oh yes, took a few seconds though”
    “Yes. Finding it took essentially no time.”
    “Took a little while, but yes.”
    “Yes. Took me a minute, but yes.”

    Something about time? I hope I haven’t inadvertently given away a big clue (if it is one) but I’m still completely baffled.

  5. Yes

    (Of course, since this is Richard Wiseman’s blog, there could be several hidden things, including a gorilla that walks across the picture while we are focused on looking at something else)

  6. OMG! I think I’ve found it! It only took 52 minutes. If I’m right (and I’m not certain I’m right), it’s nothing to do with time or hours or minutes.

  7. Yes.

    I saw 33% right away, decided against it, scoured the rest of the image, relaxed, then came back to the initial lead, and saw it. Looking away and back again, I saw it even clearer. Total time was 2 minutes.

  8. I can’t see anything beyond the “obvious” features, even though there are enough shapes and shadows in the picture to allow a whole legion of Jesus spotters to run rampant with pareidolia fever.

    Then again, maybe one of the things I think are overt are really meant as an embedded secret.

    I’ve been going over it for an hour now and I still can’t see anything beyond what I consider to be the overt features

  9. Blimey! Can’t belive it’s taken me about 2 hours looking, giving up, returning and looking . . . then all of a sudden it just popped out at me. It’s another one of those where once you’ve seen it, it’s blindingly obvious. Good luck to all those still scratching their heads (or eyes out)

  10. Please can someone say what it is? It’s killing me. No one is going to be on comment 76 of a list of yeses unless they’re looking for the answer.

  11. Finally saw it! Had to download from phone to computer to get a bigger image. Still took some looking, watch Telly for a bit then look again. Now I can’t miss it! I love these sort of pics.

  12. How can we see it if it’s hidden? 😛

    To answer your question: Yes. Or at least I think so.

    I began looking for ‘something’ and for about five minutes, couldn’t find it. Then I realised that it could be another ‘thing’ and within a few seconds I found ‘it’; or, as I said earlier, at least I think I did.

  13. Yes, in a couple of seconds – but only because I was looking for something. If I hadn’t known there was something there, I would never have spotted it.

  14. An interesting experiment would be to see if everyone sees the same thing.

    I still don’t see it after almost three hours’ trying

  15. wow, don’t know hoe people are seeing it straight away, even when I finally saw it it’s still a bit obscure. but anyway, took me around 20 mins, good picture and all that jazz :)! untill next time!

  16. Yes. It took me a minute or two. I thought it had to do with that, then I looked up a bit.

    For all those frustrated people…



    Look at the leaves, it’s a man with glasses! (The post thingy)

    1. I disagree, and I really hope this is a pareidolia experiment, where people are encouraged to see things that just aren’t there.

      I would have liked to see the outcome if people in secret emailed what they think they see to some address.

      I can clearly see Prometheus, screaming out in pain as his liver is eaten

  17. So I found it right away. Then I thought it was WAY to easy to find it. I kept looking for something else. I ended up spending 15 minutes looking for something else, because the first was to easy to find. I then searched Google to verify that what I found was really it, and it was.

  18. Eventually Yes! Looked for ages earlier, but just switched on this evening – and this time with my glasses – and went straight to it! Gonna look at some more stuff with these babies…

  19. Well I may have saw it but I’m not sure if it’s the thing you wanted us to see.

    And wow; this is probably the most comments you have gotten in a long time!

  20. Other than the lesbian couple :-), what was obvious in 10 seconds:
    (Considering that the time for not-revealing is over)
    The creeper & leaves on the right hand side of the pic make a man double the size of the “man” in the statue. The man is wearing a gray hat, glasses with +2.2 power, blue striped suit, and black shoes. He is playing “Still Crazy after all these years” on sax, the guitarist (or mandolin-ist, whatever) in statue is accompanying him. The creepery sax man had a fight with his wife this afternoon because he is looking happy. Woman sitting is more absorbed in sax (read carefully) than man-dolin.

    1. thanks Sambo, I can see it now. To me the man’s shoulders and head looked like a wolf. I was wondering what it was doing up in the tree.

    2. Even a day later, I can’t see a man there.

      I can “see” the head of a giant, lying on his back, with the mouth open as if in agony, in the mountains in the background. As I mentioned before, it must be Prometheus 🙂

  21. yes, ask everyone ¿what he see? What kind of personality see what thing? Like in the 2º of others 2 photos. It will be interesting

  22. Isn’t that funny – I examined the picture both at the regular size and at various zoomed levels the other day, and couldn’t see the ‘hidden’ object at all.

    I reloaded the page today, and spotted it almost immediately (with the help of clues remembered from when I read the comments the first time).

    What would be cool is for someone to attempt a real life version with Liu Bolin 🙂

  23. HA! Spent about 20 minutes frustratingly looking for it, then realised I need to leave quite soon and instantly spotted it. The coincidence is that I’m now off to Ronnie Scott’s, which probably helped…

  24. yes. i think i have what i would call the “major” one. but i have also “found” a couple other things that i swear are also intentional hidden things. or my brain is just trying too hard…

    so: up to 3 things. (one good one, 2 weak ones,)


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