Chris L sent me this great audio illusion – the note keeps on falling, even when you replay it!


  1. It doesn’t work for me. It keeps going down all the way through the clip, but when I hit replay it starts again noticibly higher than it was at the end.

  2. was just listening to some other auditory illusions, it would seem that the descending or ascending ones don’t work if you happen to be a trained musician and are listening for whatever the trick may be, the barber shop, however was astounding and optical illusions usually work well for me

  3. As a trained musician….

    I could hear the overtones. There’s multiple tracks layered over each other. Each track’s volume appears to start low, increase until about halfway, then decrease again. You constantly hear the pitch lower, but the combination of pitches remains the same.

    That said, it worked for me the first time, but once I analyzed it, it stopped.

  4. For me, this one wasn’t nearly as convincing as the audio illusion you posted last week (with the discrete increasing tones). Perhaps that’s because after last week I read up on the subject and listened for the trick this time. But it seems very obvious what happens in the middle of the video – a new higher tone replaces the lower one. I didn’t get that from last week’s example.

  5. To me it seems simple – harmonics. You hear the harmonic that matches the one you heard just before. I heard another one like that only the notes “march” up. Sure seems like a similar effect.

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