Everyone and their dog have been sending me this lovely illusion – stare at the man and he flips from face-on to profile….

And @jbrownridge sent me this….

Which is your favourite?


  1. The face, totally freaked by it. The pipe is good but you know its a clever angle whereas the face scares you as you don’t understand how it is happening.

  2. NOT the face one. I’m an occasional portrait artist so can immediately see what’s wrong with the profile ‘view’ (nostril at the tip of his nose, eye lacking perspective, etc) with the result that it doesn’t convince at all. The other photo with the metal pipe is lovely. Simple and clever.

  3. The pipe one seemed fairly obvious but would have surprised me if the shadow of the pipe led away to the horizon instead of across the grass. I think the face is best.

  4. I love forced perspective pictures, so the pipe for me. But can’t help thinking that it could have been done better – taken from the back of the pipe, so that the pipe bends away towards the horizon would surely look more convincing…?

  5. I find the face one difficult to force into profile. The pipe fooled me and took a couple of seconds to realise what was really happening, so I prefer that one.

  6. Pipe. The face in profile is so obviously distorted that I knew there was something going on. It took me a second to see what the problem was with the pipe, and it still throws me when I come back to it.

    1. It looks like the photographer took the picture so that the spout of the pipe aligned with the line of the horizon. So the pipe appears to switch back and forth between being simply a spout to being a kind of metal rainbow over the horizon.

  7. I saw two faces in the first one… but one of them wasn’t the one I was supposed to see–I finally saw that too. So I see three faces in it…. anyone else having this experience?!

  8. The face isn’t as convincing. The eye doesn’t work in profile mode. However the pipe could have used a little more angle, as I can still see some tree between the edge of the pipe and the horizon.

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