Time for a quick psychological exercise.  Let’s suppose that you could have a dream about anything you like.  You can be anyone you want to be and in any situation that appeals.  Apart from anything obviously sexual, what would be your perfect dream?  Try not to read the other comments before you post and let’s see how much agreement there is.  Feel free to indulge in your wildest fantasies!  OK, go………..


  1. This is going to sound boring to a lot of people, but honestly, I’d just like to have a dream where I’m hanging out with all the brilliant psychology-minded people I know who live on the other side of the pond from me and therefore I’ve never met IRL (as well as the one or two I HAVE met, and a couple really close friends who also live far away). We’d talk, hang out, discuss shared interests, practice skills… I dunno.

    The thing that would suck, because it always does, is waking up and knowing it didn’t really happen, that I still haven’t met any of them IRL and am still FAR away (geographically, financially, temporally) from doing so.

    But then later in the day, I’d think back on the dream, and remember that I got to “see” and “spend time with” some friends I don’t get to see near enough. And then I’d smile.

    Because I always do.

  2. I would be out riding on my horse. We’d have a lovely gallop on an open field, and he’d answer beautifully to all my aids.

    Of course, I have every hope of this happening in a few years, as we’re only now starting to train him. But currently that’s the one thing I really long for.

  3. I think my favourite dream would be that I was setting off from the house and the police stopped me and arrested me and took me for questioning and I knew that it was a mistake but I couldn’t get anyone to come forward as a character witness and I couldn’t get a lawyer to defend me and I did my best to defend myself and then I remembered someone who could help and the police agreed to call that person and they walked in and the police let me go just as I woke up. That would give me a great sense of relief and remind me that I was not alone and to count my blessings. I can think of other scenarios, such as a plane crash where I only just escaped because I didn’t panic and knew the safety procedures. Honestly, I don’t like scenarios where I’ve won the lottery or I’ve had my first book published to rave reviews. They’re such a disappointment to wake up from.

    1. I agree, my dream is be something that makes me appreciate my life when I’m awake. I’ve often dreamt that I killed someone, and dreading the day when I was found out. But then I wake up and realize how simple my life is without that anxiety.

      The flip-side is dreaming of winning the Nobel Prize, only to wake up and find out it’s all a lie. I’d prefer the first one.

  4. There’s another dream that I’ve actually had a couple of times, but which makes me smile whenever I happen to think about it.

    You know those dreams you sometimes get when you’re somewhere public and suddenly realize that you’re nude, or at least not completely dressed, and you get embarrassed and feel horrible? A couple of times now I’ve had dreams of that kind – except that I didn’t feel embarrassed or horribly ashamed at all. Instead, somebody else was insisting that I cover up, while in the dream I didn’t see any reason at all why I should need to.

    I wouldn’t mind getting those again; they’re a real boost to my self-confidence.

    1. “when you dream about being naked in public, there is some situation in your waking life making you feel vunderable and exposed. people who are entering an unfamiliar situation, such as a new job or relationship where they feel they lack confidence in their abilities often experience this dream. the clothes you wear represent the image that you feel comfortable showing to the world. they form a protective barrier that helps you conceal yout true self when dealing with other people. although you are happy to be completely open in private it can make you feel very uncomfortable if you cant cover these areas in public life” < Ian Wallace-dream psychologist

    2. @Jade – yes, I know. That’s why I’ve been so happy about the dreams where I _haven’t_ been worried about having that protective barrier around me.

      Coincidentally, I was having those dreams shortly after coming out as non-straight to my family and at work.

  5. If you could taste in dreams it would involve food. As you can’t, it’d have to be a flying dream. I love those!

    1. Dreaming involves all the senses. That’s why we believe so strongly in them when they’re happening. Our brains think they’re real.

    2. Can’t taste i dreams? I feel sorry for you. I can taste, smell, hear and the background is more vivid than real life.
      If you have someone pinch you to see if you are really asleep – it hurts. At least with me. When I was younger, I read that most dreams are black and white, so from then on I seem to dream in color.
      I hope that many of you can have lucid dreams, theoretically, you can do virtually anything. It’s great!

  6. Well, I dream for living life the way it was when we were growing up. Simple, under stated style of living, self sustaining, relaxed, enjoying the small things in life, enjoying nature, playing, walking, running, living within means, earn enough to keep life going with an indulgence once in a while, more time with family and friends, less time on work and such like. Picking a person’s life as a dream would assume that we know everything that goes on in that person’s life which is impossible.

    1. i find it kind of funny….. i find it kind of sad, the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had

  7. Teaching children science and karate on a small, sunny, secluded island. However my large, airy house (with outdoor pool) would also house my small menagerie of rabbits and farm animals and there’d be a group of shops within easy reach (that auto-rotate to the one I wanted each time).
    All this happens alongside my gorgeous family as they grow and look on (cue soft music and adoring smiles from my husband). Humm – not sure how much my dodgy brain is going to agree with anyone else!

  8. My favourite dreams are those where something strange happens and I want to solve the mistery and get some sense of the situation, which I am normally almost able to do. I luckily get lots of those dreams.

    The only improvement I would wish for is to get the end of it and not awakening when I am going to get the last and most relevant clue.

    That happening always pisses me off, for some reason…

    1. nice save but whatever will u win the prize for? my dream is to map the human genome then make 4 copies of me so that we could find cures for diseases. if only…

  9. My perfect dream is me writing a cheque big enought to set up a Trust Fund for The Donna Claire Venture. If only I had the money, I would guarantee that they wouldn’t have to close their doors forever a few days before Christmas. They have, for the last 19 years, been running a Respite/Holiday Home for severely disabled people, but are now losing £2500 per week. I have known the founders of this excellent charity, Audrey and Gerry, for 25 years and they are wonderful ladies. More info about the closure: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wear-15400548

  10. I’d be, once again, with all the friends, family and people I’ve loved who are no longer here. I’d aso get to meet those from the past I never knew but wanted to. And I’d recapture days in two of the places I have often felt to be my dream of what ‘home’ feels like.

    And, like Rebekah, I’d have the distance between continents vanish and be with the folks I have never met but wanted to and those I love and care about but don’t get to be with very often these days.

  11. When I was a child, I remember flying a kite on Minchinhampton Common in Gloucestershire – boundless energy and carefree, innocent fun. Would love to dream myself back there…

  12. I often dream about chasing things and never finding them, which is frustrating. I would love to have a dream where I’m in control of things and things work out for me. I think the best dream is anythings where I can enjoy and experience the things that evade me in real life.

  13. I have actually had this one a couple of times. I’m basically an idealised version of myself (smarter, better looking, more likeable). I’m living in the lovely little flat I always meant to get, getting ready to head off to work. Then I’m arriving at work, which is the ideal job that I wished for when I was young, assistant to one of my heroes classic Dr Who companion style (passing him test tubes or whatever & telling him how brilliant he is). Kind of a shame to wake up from but does leave me with a smile.

  14. My favorate dream involves a best friend who died at 24. I’m now 41 and if I wake up from a dream he has been in, and we were up to our little adventures, I’m very happy.

  15. My greatest dream is not something that would spring from the conscious state I’m currently in, and therefore I am not currently qualified to assess what such a dream would be.

  16. I’d dream I had a time machine and go back to happiest and healthier times in my life like when I was acting; out with my Mom as when she was alive; in London again; or back to a place where I could change a decision for the better. Have had some of these dreams before but time machine would be best fantasy to live them all in a long dream.

    1. I used to dream I was flying, very often. But alas no longer! that would be my choice too

  17. I would be a ballerina or a dancer. Someone who is light on her feet and sails through the air by jumping and leaping and stretching and bending. I would be thin and flexible. I would be air.

  18. My perfect dream would be about being involved in some sort of huge creative project with all the people that I admire (actors/filmmakers/writers/comedians/psychologists 😀 etc) and my contribution being valued by them. It would also involve being in love and being loved and being surrounded by a large happy family. It’s pretty much what I would like in real life as well.

    Add in some flying and and having other cool super dream powers and it would be truly awesome.

  19. Occasionally I have adventure dreams – fast-action spy thrillers for example. I’ll wake up and think “that’d be a great movie”, but then of course forget all the details except for the rush of excitement. Not restful dreams, but still fun.

    But my dream dream – would be one in which I come up with something truly brilliant and creative, that is actually practical and realistic, that I can then invent in real life…

  20. Go on an adventure and fight monsters, save people etc etc. Also I’d be glad if it was a non-lucid dream and I did something brave thinking the danger was real.

  21. Plenty of my dreams involve me making a lot of people laugh in whatever situation it is. My perfect dream would probably be me in some sort of action thriller ‘film’ where I am the star.

  22. Plenty of my dreams involve me making a lot of people laugh in whatever situation it is. My perfect dream would probably be me in some sort of action thriller ‘film’ where I am the star.

  23. Flying. Unpowered uninhibited personal flight.

    I actually had a dream very close to this a couple of weeks ago. I was wearing some sort of engineering impossibly small kite/glider contraption no bigger than my own body and was able to soar and swoop with a beat of my arms.

    So jealous of birds.

  24. I’d like to have the experience I read about, I think it was the Elysian fields? Where it’s always the moment just before the people you love come home, so you’re perpetually happy and excited. I’d like to have that dream, I think.

  25. Flying through a rainforest and between valleys with an armful of puppies and baby lemurs
    (I never get flying dreams and the only animals that usually appear and man eating alligators…)

  26. Flying for me too. I’d be able to fly instantly anywhere in our known universe at any time. I’d fly to all the people I love just to be with them. They will know I am there and we will have a great and loving conversation. Then I’d fly more. I’d fly a lot, actually.

  27. Apart from anything obviously sexual? Well that’s the top 20 down the drain.

    Okay – floating in near silence. A warm, liquid darkness that gives me the freedom of being confined.. Simple fluid happiness, no thrills, no adventure, just peace. Drifting past distant lights and sounds. i don’t control the direction, I don’t control anything.

    Hell, I’m going to have a bath tonight and turn the lights off. Sometimes dreams come true.

    Although I do dream of going back on stage and performing, sometimes, so that would be a dream dream too.

  28. A medieval general sieging a castle, a prisoner escaping from a secret facility, a telekenetic youngster fighting injustice and bullies … now I begin to think of them the ideas won’t stop.

  29. My dream dream and which I want to be real would be to become the most renowned physicist, solve the entire universe mysteries or more precisely giving the ultimate TOE and getting a Nobel prize.

  30. I want to dream that I’m in one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy worlds.
    To captain a spaceship. “Fire the photon torpedoes!”
    To engage in sword fights. Imagine crossing swords with Jaime Lannister or Loras Tyrell.
    To join a school of witchcraft and wizardry.
    To go on a voyage to Mars, mingling with other colonists.

  31. In my dream I have a wide ranging and interesting conversation with our cat. We resolve a number of issues which I have wondered about but have been unable to confirm in the past. For example, it turns out that she is, as I have always assumed, by instinct a Conservative supporter. When I explain why I disagree with many Tory policies she offers surprisingly cogent counter arguments. I also gain an insight into her annoying habit of depositing live frogs underneath my desk, even though I make it very clear that these are not entirely welcome in the house. Then she helpfully explains why, exactly, she enthusiastically eats a particular type of pet food one day only to refuse it completely the next. At the end of the dream she cracks a really good cat joke (it’s about dogs) but when I wake up I’ve forgotten the punch line.

  32. I would dream myself doing impossible things. Riding on unicorns, traveling through space, both at the same time etc.
    And also it would be nice to dream of an ideal world, where everyone’s ridiculously nice and the world is just perfect.

  33. I would have perfect conscious control over my emotions and behaviour. If I wanted to feel happy I would. If I wanted to be unafraid I would be. I would also have infinite intelligence which I would use to write books to persuade people to put others before themselves and to regard reason as king. This would make me incredibly famous. Ha ha.

  34. I would be out causing mischief with all the famous people that I wish were my friends, mostly comedians and clever interesting folk. They’d all think I was fun and the dream would involve general silliness and drugs and all the things I don’t do in real life but wish I did.

  35. I would dream of living in a cabin in a forest near the sea. Were I live and work making jewelry. And all is at peace and safe. I grow old and have lots of friends who come and eat and talk.

  36. I had a dream I really liked the other night – dreamed I was Stephen Fry’s best friend and that I went around the world with him hanging out and helping him organise his work, etc. Pretty cool.

  37. Easily, it would involve Deepika Padukone. Or Milena Velba and Miosotis Claribel. (It’s a guy thing).

    Or maybe I would dream of world peace. But instead, I work for that world peace in the real world.

  38. I want to be a big Dragon and want to fight for better justice. Then i will free domineered people from predicament.

  39. Flying

    I used to have super flying dreams when I was a teenager. Zooming over houses and trees. Now all I seem to have are anxiety dreams about my dog or kid running off . I want to fly again.

    tyotssnwfxdfpaluzqibghhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Contribution from my 4 year old LOL

  40. Flying. My favourite dreams as a kid/adolescent were flying, usually fast, face down, head first and really close to the ground. Also (related) were dreams of what is now called parkour/free running these dreams were decades before I even knew it was practiced. I used to dream about running up walls or jumping on fences from a standing start. I haven’t had those dreams in a long while but I still remember them and would happily relive them.

  41. well… dreams reflect the fundamental patterns of your waking life, they help you understand your waking life throught the ‘stories’ they ‘create’. id like dreams which can help me solve the unconsious issues my body is going though… luckily for me i have turned to psychologists research to help me do this. its become a lsight addiction to analys dreams. any dream which helps me understand myself is a dream wanted by me 😀

  42. dream of getting my cardmaking stuff out – no interruptions from my lovely kids – and actually having the inspiration there and then and get on and do it.

  43. It would be to have a really bust social life, lots of friends, (true friends), to have an important job, so important that if I took a day off, the company would suffer. Basically to be succesful in my academic and social life, and be happy.

  44. I’d be myself, flying over the highest mountains. (Flying à la Superman, not in an aeroplane.) I have this dream from time to time, and it’s awesome.

  45. Get up 7am have breakfast, an hour bike ride on the coast. Jet to a Ski resort spend time skiing with family and friends. Afternoon would spend gorge walking or orienteering. Evenings sitting on the porch of my house on a mountain side near the coast enjoying the warm weather having a few drinks once again with family and friends

  46. I dream that i am a little bit tired. So, i m lying in my bed, i fall asleep and suddenly, i dream the dream i always dream to dream.

  47. I dream that i am a little bit tired. So, i m lying in my bed, i fall asleep and suddenly, i dream the dream i always dream to dream.

    (sorry for my bad english.. hope you understand what i mean)

  48. Since w’ere not allowed to have fun (what, no sex?) then I’d make the dream useful, for instance providing me with an answer to a programming question, a great idea to solve a problem I’ve been working on. I’ve often found solutions in the morning right after a goog night’s rest, but never in a dream. I doubt it’s possible though, so the question remains a little foreign to me.

  49. I’d dream the answer to the most difficult goals and challenges we have as a human race. It’s all in us to find the solution. I’d just be asking my unconscious to answer directly.

  50. Obviousy I’d ike to have Super powers. But I suppose it would be quite interesting, if you assume that you could control your dreams consistently to some degree, to dream up a developing story. It’s a dream world, more specifically it’s your dream world. You lead your real life by day and relax your body, by testing your mind by night drifting off into something unique.

  51. I like to dream of something fairly horrific or disastrous such as a plane or train crash or personal peril – I enjoy the chemical rush of waking from a cracking nightmare and lie awake buzzing for a bit before dreaming about puppies and pixies. Then I wake up and laugh maniacally.
    Because I always do.

  52. For me the perfect dream would be waking from the perfect dream within my dream and experiencIng the amazing feeling of having that dream.

    I’m sure the effects would carry over to conscious reality.

  53. My dream dream would be the ideal lucid (aware) dream, where every night was this blank cancas I could then fill with whatever story I would like. I would choose how much I would be in control of, and when to change the scenario.

    Another one would be a dream where I dreamt the concept for The Book I Will Write One Day. That would be awesome.

  54. One of those dreams where you are surrounded by the people you love the most and all of them love you back and think you’re awesome. And then there is an adventure where i find hidden treasure and is everybit the hero and save the day. And also finally flying over the surface of a river in a djungle and out over the waterfall where the world just opens up. And all this in ONE dream. I dream it all the time.

  55. I seem to occasionally have dreams that I regret having to wake up from, but I can never remember the details of them other than they are pleasant interactions with people in some way. Seldom sexual. Usually doing something fun or having a good conversation. Although I am an active pilot, I seldom have dreams of flying or piloting. So my dream dream would probably be doing something fun with friends, real or not.

  56. I keep telling myself that when I have lucid dreams I want to talk to “The Creator” or a messenger, but it seems to always end up being about sex.
    How about Geordi LaForge, Einstein, MLK or meeting the woman of my dreams.

  57. I actually had the most heartwarming dream I can remember a few nights ago. I came out to my mother and she told me she loved me and the sex of whoever made me happy was immaterial. I told her that it had never even crossed my mind that she would think otherwise.

    The weird thing is that I’m not gay, and if I was neither of my parents would have the slightest problem with it, and we tell one another we love each other frequently. Still, I’ve never woken up feeling so content and happy with myself. How weird is that?!

  58. I love flying dreams, or floating, swimming effortlessly underwater or tripping across the surface. I don’t see why I should adhere to Newtons laws in a dream! Also I lke being graceful so I feel good while I’m doing it.

  59. I would be on the beach with a wonderful day, drinking coconut water, my house full of colors will be in front, I have a big room only with the stuff I like to do with my hands. I will have a big empty space for meditation with a lot of natural sounds.
    Peace, meditation, love…

  60. I am a male to female transsexual who has not had the opportunity or courage to transition. In my dream, I am a little girl wearing pretty girl clothes, playing girl games with my little girl friends. Then I’m a teenage girl shopping for clothes and jewelry. Then I’m at a slumber party with my girl friends, dancing, trying on makeup, giggling about boys. No one is trying to shame or tell me that only girls are allowed to do such and such and boys have to do another and such.

  61. I’m in my dream house [and my dream house is not a house that I’ve seen in real life and wish I owned, it’s an actual house that I live in in some of my dreams, pretty nice house really. anyway…] and I’m with my kids and my husband and it’s Christmas time [I love Christmas]. Christmas songs are playing, all the close family is over having fun. Money isn’t an issue, presents are plentiful. Kids are having fun, ummmm, my small business is successful also. Everyone is happy and having fun basically. Then night time comes and everyone leaves and me and my husband have wild crazy intense sex and it doesn’t wake the kids because our room is soundproof. And then I get pregnant and that whole sex bit just happens over and over again after I have the kid to the point where i have a whole bunch of kids and a nice big happy loving family 🙂 Yay 🙂

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  63. I find it funny that your name is wiseman actaually. It reminds me of my dreams.

    If I was to tell you -my- dreams however, you amung most would only call me insane.

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