This is a wonderful, wonderful illusion.  So simple.  So effective. Enjoy.

Like it?


  1. everyone above me is wrong. It’s clearly a complex system of pullies, levers, mirrors & smoke combined with a trick safety pin designed to make it look like it “flips around”. Occam’s Razor guys.

  2. Skepdirk is right. When the guy tries to spin the straw, the toothpick inside makes it bounce back, so it looks like the it’s penetrated, while in fact it’s done an almost 360º turn.

    1. I think without the cocktail stick, the straw would buckle, break, rip or flex at the place where needle goes throug the straw…

  3. I’m with Luke, the light reflects from a semi-silvered mirror at a 45 degree angle that is instantly obfuscated by charged smoke electrostatically generated from a high-friction pulley triggered by a hidden lever that alters the image to a totally seperate pin with the straw at another angle. Simple but effective.

  4. Stooge straw, clearly.

    Very good – this exact illusion was in a book I had at 8 years old called “Magic With Science”.


  5. An elastic pull quickly pulls the pin with-straw-on-top, in his sleeve and at the same time a hold-out device pushes another pin with-straw-below back in his hand.

    Wonderful done……..

    That Mr Wiseman is a wise man…….

  6. Just another vague possibility…Maybe the pin is ‘broken’ just to the left of the straw so the straw flicks through it?

  7. Surely the illusionist is wearing one of those power bands (a bracelet with a hologram on it) and the straw is momentarily converted into pure energy at a quantum level, reappearing in the physical domain once its chakras are aligned on the other side of the pin. Did I get it right?

  8. The explanation that has the toothpick “springing” the straw to spin all the way round sounds like the best explanation to me but the first thing that occurred to me was that the straw has a cut in it in the side facing the camera, going about half-way through, level with the free bar of the pin. The angle never shows that the pin has gone all the way through an out the other side of the straw, only that the straw appears to be in front of the pin. With the cut in the straw. a little pressure could cause the pin to ‘pop’ into the gap and the gap would close again over it, making it seem, from the angle that it’s filmed at, that the pin is now behind. But yeah, it’s vaguely possibly that that would work but the springing all the way round explanation sounds better.

  9. This trick was in a magic book years ago. That version used a match stick. You had to cut the head off the match stick because it was too visible. Seen in person the illusion is nearly perfect.

  10. It’s disappointing that there is a jump cut in the video between the “show” and the trick. Makes it look suspicious, but it’s completely unnecessary considering how the trick works.

  11. That is really clever! It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I think once you realize that the toothpick is absolutely necessary to the trick, then it all makes sense from there.

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