Give me 1 min of your time and I will make you gasp


First, tickets for the Edinburgh Secret Society’s Halloween event will go on sale at 10 a.m. today.  Details here.

Second, David Molnar kindly brought my attention to ‘stick bombs’.  I hadn’t seen these before, but it is a way of threading together flat sticks to create a structure that then explodes when you remove one stick.  Here it is in action….

Do you like it?  Ever tried it?



13 comments on “Give me 1 min of your time and I will make you gasp

  1. bleh, done in 45 minutes, cause she fed the baby for 15 minutes while he dominoed and mowed the lawn and .. voldemort made them go backwards for 15 minutes and two boats were in the new york harbor and pi was not accurate, but for you it worked…. mind blown! so is Grammie Char my 87 year old grandmother that can’t wait for your Friday puzzles….

  2. oh wow.. my vid got paused.. mind was blown and voldemort blew them up! the AWESOME!

  3. nanda says:

    good one

  4. seePyou says:

    Things like that, or Dominos tumbling, do not appeal to me at all. Dont know why, but I find then extremely pointless and boring.

  5. Martin says:

    Some people have waay too much time on their hands !!

  6. David D says:

    Not quite sure what is going on. How are these sticks threaded and why do they ‘explode’?

  7. lehcyfer says:

    He posted a detailed instruction how to make it:

  8. There was a guy on this year’s America’s Got Talent who created a whole act out of that. Did it on a huge scale. He was awesome, but he misjudged it one time and, having spent something like 40 hours setting it up, he pulled the first stick and nothing happened. Got eliminated.

  9. Mark Smith says:

    How did this stay below the radar for so long? For me, this beats dominoes. Maybe even fireworks.

  10. […] Richard Wiseman here’s a rather impressive display of stick […]

  11. water trampoline games…

    […]Give me 1 min of your time and I will make you gasp « Richard Wiseman[…]…

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