@DavidMeadeLive sent me this lovely illusion.  Can you see the baby?

I like it because I saw the baby’s face and then the rest popped out at me.  Did you get the same experience?


  1. I started out searching for a much smaller baby hidden in the details, but as soon as I entertained an alternative hypothesis (that the baby might be big enough to fill most of the image), then I saw it.

  2. Toes, then the rest followed. Interestingly there is a sad looking cock directly west of those toes that seems to be penetrating the tree’s trunk. If you look carefully, for perhaps less than 30 minutes, you might also note a scrotum directly west of the knee; slightly south (as one would expect) of the cock. [Don’t look at it if you wish to avoid being unable to not see it. Why do warnings so often come too late?]

    1. Look at white spaces between tree trunk and branches. Baby is huge comparing to adults standing at the lake.

  3. I had to have help as I was looking for a big round face and to me this looks more like a fetus on the ultrasound. Cool photo nonetheless.

  4. I could see nothing the first time. Took another look the next day out popped the feet and everything else followed.
    Maybe we could design a personality test according to what feature shows first.

  5. I saw the face first. Until I saw the comments here I noticed that he also arms and feet.

    Gabriela Bernal,

    South Korea

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