First, I have just added three 59 Seconds guides to the site on Creativity, Achieving Goals, and Love – hope that you enjoy them.

Second, I hadn’t seen either of these illusions before…..@jbrownridge sent me this one…..

and @Sean_Boon submitted this……

Hope you like them!




  1. There is a similar, but less spectacular, one to the second picture in Saint Genis in France, just a couple of kilometres from CERN. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it …

    1. it only takes some imagination to vizualize it in 3D… (but then it only looks like a horde of skew-whiff pipes) .. the crescent would be nice, but a bit difficult… (it think would be possible with a number of different small spotlights… 🙂

    2. The crescent could be on the ceiling to mark the veiwing point, the wheel of life goes on around them all.

      Loved the ship-pic

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