Five funny signs


Someone kindly sent me these great signs the other day and they made me giggle.  Hope that you enjoy them too….

Which is your favourite?


21 comments on “Five funny signs

  1. M says:

    2nd made me laugh. 3rd is good too.

  2. AMWhy says:

    I liked the “50 points” one. Came across as the most dry humoured and made me smile.

  3. kches76 says:

    Jazz hands should always carry a health warning

  4. Tony says:

    You do realise that the top one is Pedobear?

    Perhaps not what you were aiming for in a family-friendly blog…?

    Others are great though – love the seal one.

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  6. MilesOnYourDials says:

    I’ve seen the “50 points” sign carry the following before:
    “Beware: Pickpocketing”

  7. Love the seal. Hope no one removes it.

  8. vitamentis says:

    Breakdancing! Btw, who’s job is it to draw these signs?

  9. Oscar says:

    2 and 4 were especially good for me, since while scrolling down the page, I stopped before the punchline. After scratching my head as to what was so funny about each, I continued down to only to reveal the gag. So rare to have a photo with good… timing.

  10. maja says:

    the seal.

  11. lynnertic says:

    Isn’t the first image a picture of the pedo-bear? Creepy!

  12. Lazy T says:

    Do not remove this seal, wins my vote. Give it a fish and a tot of whisky..

  13. Antoine says:

    I love the fourth! 50 points! 🙂

  14. Paul Murray says:

    Paedobear! God, how I miss Encyclopedia Dramatica. Jazz Hands was good, too.

  15. peter gerard scully…

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  16. […] Latest Post is  Five funny signs which he published just […]

  17. Aubrey says:

    u my great sir can be a fudge paking homo

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