This is a great illusion…..

….can you figure out what is happening?


  1. I will have to agree with Anonymous. The black one is being thrown, casting its shadow on the lawn curiously close to the yellow frisbee, which is laying in the grass. It’s super weird though, since the shadows of the people make it hard to tell. The black frisbee must be closer to the camera than it seems.

  2. Undaunted by their apparent small stature, the earthling bows as he greets his new alien overlords.

    His companion, however, showing the utmost disrespect for the aliens by not removing his cap and bowing, will be featured in tomorrow’s lunch menu.

    Oh, and something about shadows.

  3. The illusion is that they appear to be American, but they’re not actually invading anything. This dichotomy is an illusion as these guys must be Canadian.

  4. I think both disks are lying on the grass, and the black one is further away giving the effect it is higher than the yellow one. The yellow disk is placed near the dark area on the grass giving the effect it is in the air

  5. What’s with the blue object on the right? The shadows of the people go away from the camera, but the blue thing on the right has a shadow coming towards the camera.

  6. If you compare the size of the shadow next to the yellow frisbee (it is bigger) and that it is on the wrong side (compared to the man’s shadow) the only conclusion is that the yellow frisbee is on the ground and the shadow is from the flying black frisbee.

  7. Being a disc golfer myself, I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t another (mini) disc right in front of the man’s foot. Everything else is obvious for once.

  8. Whoa, took me forever to see the black guy and suddenly he just pops up in the middle. Very shocking!

    Didn’t realise yellow frisbee wasn’t moving untill I read the first comment. Funny one 🙂

  9. There’s a very tiny UFO that has landed by the frisbee player’s foot, and it is about to take a core sample of the Earth. Compressing the core sample down to a size that will fit in the UFO will, unfortunately, end up creating a gravitational singularity which will end up destroying all life as we know it.

  10. Sure it’s serendipitous, but not startling and impossible in the way of, say, some of M C Escher’s drawings. It’s perfectly possible to photograph two frisbees flying.

  11. Clearly this picture is about the man with his hands on his hips having an abnormally large penis, see how the man with the frisbies is shielding it from view? Someone mentioned shadows earlier?

  12. the frisbees are a reflection of their personalities,the yellow one the guy trying to catch the frisbee is fun and outgoing,while the man in the blue shirt is lazy and boring,hence the morbid big blue frisbee matching his shirt color.

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