Give me 11 seconds of your time and I will make you gasp


David B sent me this amazing clip….

So, how many times did you have to watch the clip before you spotted it?


74 comments on “Give me 11 seconds of your time and I will make you gasp

  1. BigFrankieC says:

    Second viewing. Wow. That’s a pretty serious sphincter factor on that.

  2. Shani Moore says:

    I had to watch it 5 times before I saw it. Then I *had* to watch it a few more times because I was in shock!

  3. Damocles says:

    Just the once, but then you did set it up.

  4. John Loony says:

    I saw it the first time – but I wasn’t even sure if someone might have faked it or photoshopped it or whatever.

  5. Another Richard says:

    I do wonder if it is real. Something doesn’t quite look right to me.

    • Dave S says:

      Yeah, that none of the other cars even swerve or brake is suspicious.

    • Yeah they do – maybe set up, but not photoshopped, although I have seen it before.

    • Gus Snarp says:

      The dark SUV slams on its brakes hard. The tires smoke, the SUV slows dramatically, the front end drops. It definitely brakes hard. So I’m going with real. Also, the driver of that SUV and its well maintained brakes saved a non zero number of lives that day.

    • Gus Snarp says:

      On second viewing, it seems the smoke is coming from the red light runner. It is possible that he too braked, or swerved ever so slightly, to avoid the white car. But the dark SUV definitely braked hard.

    • W. Monroe says:

      Also, the people crossing the street follow the car with their heads.

  6. Paul Pearson says:

    I am sure I’ve actually seen that before, maybe on one of those late-night clip shows. Good one, though.

  7. Amy says:

    maybe I’m an idiot but what am I supposed to spot? The super ninja car?

  8. TM says:

    I just sharted.

  9. Taylor says:

    The number of times I watched it after I noticed it > the number of times I watched it before I noticed it.

  10. natselrox says:

    Is it the super-fast car? What’s so special about that?

  11. Infophile says:

    I think the reason this looks fake is due to how the white car seems to suddenly accelerates to make room for the red-light runner to get past. After watching this closely, I believe this is simply an optical illusion caused by the fact that the black car is slowing down (truly a case of lightning reflexes).

    Of course, there’s no way to be completely sure it’s not fake, but I don’t see anything in it that is definitely fake.

  12. Alan Coady says:

    It took me a few shots – maybe five…. Somehow, I fixed on the pedestrians who, it turns out, were cruising along in relative safety.

  13. Sirrah says:

    that’s so old…

  14. Berber Anna says:

    Three times. I was distracted by the pedestrians and the white van — they seemed to be talking to the people in the van or something, which I assumed would be relevant. I only spotted the speeding car after reading the comments.

  15. Tom Ruffles says:

    Twice – the first time I thought it would involve the pedestrians and was watching them.

  16. Paul Durrant says:

    Third time watching before I spotted it. The pedestrians distracted me.

  17. Juan AR says:

    3 times xD

  18. Malky says:

    All I get is a black screen is the link broken?

  19. Lazy T says:

    How can drivers do that?
    Do they ‘see’ the gap they are about to drive through? (like the stories of tennis players and rear-gunners reacting too quickly)
    Or are they just going along with their eyes closed?

    • Gus Snarp says:

      How? Luck. Pure dumb luck. That and the fact that the guy in the dark SUV had good reflexes and good brakes.

  20. Galephico says:

    First Time

  21. sledgey says:

    Four times – was watching the pedestrians each time and had to deliberately turn my attention away from them.

    Very good

    • The other Matt says:

      Me too. I thought that here is something magic, and the pedestrians seems to be disappeared.

  22. bigwow says:

    First time.
    After watching the video in sloooooow motion about 10 times, I am quite sure that it is a fake. You can see for 0.1 seconds before the speeding car reaches the white car that its shadow disappears. Also, given the speed at which the white car is moving, it could not have moved out of the way in time.

  23. Sandra says:

    3rd time!

  24. I saw it first time, but I was expecting an actual crash. It seems highly unlikely that it’s fake, just based on how many videos there are of real car crashes and real near misses there are on youtube. What would be the point of spending hours faking something like this (and yeah, faking a video like this would take many hours).

    Here’s one of the many compilations, which includes this video;

  25. fluffy says:

    First time but I’ve seen this one before. (And on the first time I ever saw it I knew what to expect because the description said what it was.)

  26. Zoe says:

    I saw it the first time but I had to watch it again to be sure as I was watching the pedestrian wondering why they stopped for so long in front of the white van. I wondered if that was a clue. I would like to see evidence that it’s not an illusion.

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  28. katie k says:

    I can’t believe I had to watch it 3 times before I saw it. That blows my mind. I wonder why this video has that effect. What is stealing focus that effectively? I think it may be the people in the crosswalk; perhaps we’re more apt to focus on other human beings first and foremost.

  29. Gus Snarp says:

    Saw it immediately. Had to watch again to see that it it wasn’t edited in.

  30. Sili says:

    I hope it was possible to get their number. I don’t want to ever have them in a car again.

  31. The Pick Man says:

    Just once.

    Can you find out who the driver was? I want him to pick my next set of lottery numbers

  32. Ashley says:

    That intersection is right by my job at Harbor Ave & Wesminster in Santa Ana, CA

  33. Henry Ruddle says:

    It looks real to me. Once while driving at the speed limit on the freeway, I saw a Pinto swerve to avoid another car, tip up on its side, bounce off the light metal fence in the center, land back on its wheels in the nearest lane and then keep going. Everyone else did the same … as if nothing had happened.

  34. DPR says:

    3 times. I was distracted by the Pedestrians

  35. Emma says:

    I’ve no idea what that was about. Can someone help?! Was it that when the black car on the right pulled up, the people who had been crossing the road got in and then got out and continued crossing the road?

  36. mizkwong says:

    Fake or real, what an inconsiderate, selfish, dangerous, jerk.

  37. David says:


    Just as the black car is pulling up, a car on the right side of it speeds past, crossing the street and amazingly somehow not creating an accident.

  38. Shannon says:

    I saw it the first time, probably because I knew that something was going to happen that I should look out for.

  39. blackwatertown says:

    Twice – very good – I though it was going to be the pedestrians crossing in front of the camper van.

  40. bluedolly25 says:

    That was cool! The driver didn’t even stop traffic flow. Boy he was lucky ! No one got hurt.

  41. Just Mike says:

    First time. As a motorcyclist, I would attribute it to always being on the lookout for situations such as this.

  42. Brian Wilson says:


  43. Once. Thanks for your warnings. What’s the video version of photoshop? I’m no expert, but I suspect that was not a real video

  44. Alan says:

    Once, actually. Sometimes you just have to rush to get to MacDonalds…

  45. Charles Minus says:

    I think it is either faked or staged. The fast car just looks unnatural, But the main reason for my opinion has to do with the motive of the photographer, which is always my first question when seeing this type of thing. How is it that someone just happened to be filming this particular intersection at this particular moment. Unless it was an automatic surveillance camera like they have in stores. But I have seen a lot of surveillance camera footage and the quality of this scene is much better.

    • David says:

      Did you consider that perhaps the video has been resampled to lower quality at some stage, perhaps for display on YouTube?

      Clearly it’s a fixed surveillance camera.

    • Berber Anna says:

      I though the SA WEHA 01 in the lower left corner probably indicated a traffic cam location, so I googled it. Turns out people on several websites had the same idea. It apparently means ‘Santa Ana, Westminster & Harbor, camera 01’. One site had a comment from someone who found a piece of bumper in that intersection the next day. If you look closely, something does appear to come off the speeding car, so maybe that’s what he found?

  46. anibal says:

    second view

  47. D.P.F says:

    2nd time lucky… so dangerous

  48. Sanjay says:

    So there is this dark SUV which slams its brakes. See there is a white pickup just behind (from camera’s viewpoint) the dark SUV. And behind that white pickup there is a white car. Let’s follow this white car since 0:06, as soon as it appears in the view. Keep on following it – do not look at the speeding car – and voila the white car changes its color.

  49. Win says:

    Just once
    I assume this is a altered video…
    a little like running between the raindrops.
    I never have been able to manage that feat.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Some people see McDonald and cant help but speed toward it.

  51. This is a great thread, so much info, was wondering about how to do the conversion most of last night but struggled with some programs. Just working my way through the advice, cheers.

  52. Anonymous says:

    (In response to title) That’s what she said.

  53. Charlotte says:

    This was a definate ‘spot the gorilla moment’ and I did gasp when I finally saw it! 🙂

  54. Danny says:

    I had to watch it twice. but its crazy

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