I am a big fan of the old Jastrow Duck-Rabbit illusion….

So imagine my joy to find a taxidermy version…

And this rather strange one…..

and this real life one….

Which is your favourite?


  1. Took me a while to see the real-life one, but once I did, it instantly became the best. Though to me for some reason it looks a bit more like a guinea pig. Second best is the taxidermy version.

    1. same view for me, took me a while but then it became the best. even though it looks more like a guinea pig

  2. The last one’s definitely a duck who appears to be looking straight up at the sky (advantages of having a relatively long neck!)

    The penultimate one’s a crafty bit of photoshopping, the one above that’s probably been created by the taxidermist who fancies themselves as an artist (further evidenced by whatever-that-is poking out of the lemon in the background), while of course the top one is the original illusion.

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