Yesterday I posted this rather inappropriate sign on Twitter, and it received over 11,000 views, so I thought I would put it on the blog….

Then I went looking and found…..

Plus the classic…

Which is your favourite?


  1. I do not believe number 2 is a real sign. It’s surely either a deliberately jokey hoax or a photo-shop job. No matter how mindless the operation of bureaucracies, it’s impossible to see how a sign dominated by a self-warning would appear. The chatty “also, the bridge is out ahead” refers back to the joke.

  2. I know the third one isn’t real, but still a classic. The first one is my favourite. There must be thousands of signs worldwide that have become inappropriate due to new slang.

  3. I have to find it and scan it, but I found a sign at a restroom at I think Vicksburg National Park in Mississippi, USA. It had the international male symbol and directly underneath was “basement entrance”…

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