Sign of the times


Yesterday I posted this rather inappropriate sign on Twitter, and it received over 11,000 views, so I thought I would put it on the blog….

Then I went looking and found…..

Plus the classic…

Which is your favourite?


29 comments on “Sign of the times

  1. Have seen the first two but not the third one before. My favorite is the first one, it’s just hillarious. 😀

  2. M says:

    The second is brilliant!

    It is a bit disturbing that somebody considered the first one necessary.

  3. Steve Jones says:

    I do not believe number 2 is a real sign. It’s surely either a deliberately jokey hoax or a photo-shop job. No matter how mindless the operation of bureaucracies, it’s impossible to see how a sign dominated by a self-warning would appear. The chatty “also, the bridge is out ahead” refers back to the joke.

  4. Phil Watts says:

    I know the third one isn’t real, but still a classic. The first one is my favourite. There must be thousands of signs worldwide that have become inappropriate due to new slang.

  5. repton says:

    This is one of my favourites:

    Don’t hit your head on the sign!

  6. dee says:

    It has to be the first one by a very long shot. It really did make me LOL!

  7. says:

    I have to find it and scan it, but I found a sign at a restroom at I think Vicksburg National Park in Mississippi, USA. It had the international male symbol and directly underneath was “basement entrance”…

  8. A sign outside the School of Nursing and Midwifery at University of Southampton says something like: “Deliveries to the rear”.

  9. Guy says:

    This is a warning sign I photographed at the beach in Perth, Western Australia. Apparently they have Water at the beaches there. Who knew?

  10. M says:

    How about this typically dutch warning sign?

  11. vitamentis says:

    Guy – The wa pic looks like it may be shallow water.Still its as good as pig number 2.

  12. Berber Anna says:

    The 2nd and 3rd aren’t real, so I like the 1st one best.

  13. Lazy T says:

    #2 reminds me of the classic “Do not throw stones at this notice!”.

  14. majikthijs says:

    i saw a notice in a shop in amsterdam forbidding sex in the changing rooms (it’s on my blog

  15. Dorje says:

    this is a personal favorite, and very real, I’ve seen it. Apparently it’s to do with a rather enhanced Bernoulli effect on the platform.

  16. Jerry says:

    Number 3.

  17. anibal says:

    the second and almost the third one

  18. First one is hilarious. LOL

  19. Devi says:

    The first one is the best. Loved the lol !!!

  20. All good, all from b3ta. The third one is my work, even – based on a real sign at Barnstaple Health Centre from the 90’s.

    How about this:

  21. Mark says:

    The family planning one is certainly very funny, but I think I’d have to go with the sharp edges one – bureaucracy gone made (again).

  22. Charlotte says:

    The family planning one is funny on more than one level as the hospital is near where I live!:D

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