I am a big fan of Danny Cole’s videos and this one is especially deceptive…..

Like it?


  1. Purse was just a secondary item to be involved in the trick. More the way you tactically involve your magic with things, more the audience loves and believes!

    1. I didn’t see a ‘how do you think it was done’ in the post, so I find it somewhat rude to spoil the secret.

    2. Noel,

      1. That doesn’t work because the ring is fully visible before the appearance of the coin.

      2. But where did the lighter fluid come from?

  2. This is type of magic I really enjoy. Personally I find it *more* impressive that he can do this by sleight of hand.


  3. The “fake thumb” pocket on his left hand is visible at least 3 times in the video. I like Danny’s work a lot, and some of his stuff is just awesome, but this was too obvious. He’s better than this.

  4. at 55 you can see him moving the coin up with his right thumb…so its not coming from the left….I am at a loss as to where is was produced from though.

  5. Maybe I’m wrong… I sort of think he might be holding the coin between his middle and ring fingers of his right hand. I could be completely wrong, I don’t know a lot about fake thumbs or magnetic rings, it just seems to me that a bit of applied pressure and some excellent knowledge of how he’s holding his hand and what the audience can see would do the trick.

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