Give me 5 mins of your time & I will amaze you


Sooooooooo wonderful………….

A huge thanks to Mark Fry for bringing this to my attention.  Like?


24 comments on “Give me 5 mins of your time & I will amaze you

  1. Mark says:

    Really amazing!

    Do you suppose the people who build these have an entire vision in their heads before they start, or do they make it up as they go along and see how far they can take it?

  2. funkmon says:

    As a photographer, my mind is boggled as to how they acquired so much equipment.

  3. andyo says:

    Jesus, was it necessary to hit a 24-105 f/4L lens with a hammer?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is that a marijuana plant behind the table at 2:26?

  5. mf9000 says:

    Amazing… And I guess that lens was already ruined before the shot. 😉

  6. Really good. I wonder how many days was spent getting this just right. These things always impress me.

  7. Reminds me of the OK Go video, which has the benefit of a good soundtrack too

    Of course, in the UK these would be Heath Robinson machines

    (PS that isn’t a marajuana plant, just a type of fern I think)

    • jtradke says:

      There was definitely an homage to the OK Go video at the part where a cylinder rolls past the four little dolls with paint on them.

  8. Lazy T says:

    Was the blonde model called Penny Acton? The ad didn’t get it’s message across properly.

  9. Phil says:

    Ah, but did you notice the gorilla?

  10. Have seen this before. Really impressed…

  11. The Pick Man says:

    It would have been more impressive if it had been filmed in one shot, which I doubt.

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  13. Just Bored... says:

    Check out this one as well then:

    Is taken in one shot, and ends with fire extinguishers 😉

  14. Barry says:

    Beautiful! What a compelling video – and clearly a great medium for shameless product promotion! Love it!

  15. Manley says:

    Lots of the connections seem irrelevant – things drop ‘near’ to a ball which starts moving, etc.

    An expensive, but ultimately inferior version of other videos.

  16. Jerome says:

    Someone had a lot of time on their hands …

  17. This looks like the state of my house now the school holidays are here.

  18. Illianna says:

    I didn’t even know what was going on after a couple minutes!

  19. Antoine says:

    It’s just amazing! Thanks!

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