Sooooooooo wonderful………….

A huge thanks to Mark Fry for bringing this to my attention.  Like?


  1. Really amazing!

    Do you suppose the people who build these have an entire vision in their heads before they start, or do they make it up as they go along and see how far they can take it?

  2. Reminds me of the OK Go video, which has the benefit of a good soundtrack too

    Of course, in the UK these would be Heath Robinson machines

    (PS that isn’t a marajuana plant, just a type of fern I think)

    1. There was definitely an homage to the OK Go video at the part where a cylinder rolls past the four little dolls with paint on them.

  3. Lots of the connections seem irrelevant – things drop ‘near’ to a ball which starts moving, etc.

    An expensive, but ultimately inferior version of other videos.

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