Even more rude stuff….


This one sent to me by Shimron S…..

Like it?


18 comments on “Even more rude stuff….

  1. Anonymous says:

    he thy with the knee that forms the phallus of the girl in the center and the rest of the foot really says it all about psychology i think, im cogniting the girl to the left is like my anima the girl to the right of the one in the middle i would like to have anal sex with and the boy to her right is impossible, and everything else he undies and that stuff.

  2. Noel says:

    How we really lowered ourselfs to this ??

  3. he he he he what an unfortunate angle!!!

  4. Rusty says:

    The real question is why is her pink skirt/shorts round her ankles? I sense a set-up.

  5. Mad Kev says:

    Yes, that is absolutely lovely.

  6. nanda says:

    not like this.

  7. Lazy T says:

    that’s Jake the Peg, diddle iddle iddle um..

  8. Lindamp says:

    Can we stop this soon please? I used to like your blog but now it just makes me feel dirty.

    • SimonP says:

      I agree. Back to psychology.

    • Erik says:

      At least Richard could learn to put the photos below the fold so this doesn’t pop up in my Google reader feed that I usually peruse between phone calls at work. I may have to remove the blog from my feed if this keeps up, which would be regrettable.

      Richard, NSFW needs to be below the fold! I know the images are illusions but someone walking by my desk doesn’t know that!

  9. Henry Ruddle says:

    Where do you go to buy a shoe for a third leg? It also raises an interesting fashion question — do you purchase a matching or a complementary shoe?

  10. Hangleshliffenphuttern says:

    Hey less complaining- even a professor needs a little titillation!

  11. Berhard says:

    I don’t like the fish eye effect…

  12. Vallin Sfas says:

    I LOVE tranny-porn!

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