As many of you may know, I rather enjoy racy optical illusions.  I recently came across one had never seen before….

So, here is the question…. how many rude acts can you count?


    1. ditto Newcastle and there’s a similar styled picture of Whitley Bay beach out there on the Weely Woood Web

  1. 6 and the suggestion of one more but can’t see what is is… but indeed they are all not real act only illusion..

  2. Well there’s a man seated on the far left talking to a woman who’s standing. As far as manners go I think that’s pretty rude – he should at least offer her his chair.

  3. Given the vast creativity and resources of the world I wouldn’t be surprised if there already is one single term for everything happening in the picture altogether.
    Thus I count 1 rude act.

    Of rude acts including exactly 2 persons and allowing persons to participate in more than one act, I count 7. Oddly enough only the women participate in more than one act.

    1. wops, I take that back. One guy (middle, white shirt) actually has stuff going with two women.

  4. I can not see any “rude stuff” related to the girl in the middle of the photo, seated touching her face. As this girl takes a big picture portion, I wonder if any of you may see one rude stuff related to her. Do you see it?
    By the way, I also find 6 1/2.

  5. Just only 6. That 7th isn’t rude.

    Hey, everyone, remember that to Richard,
    a “rude” picture is one where something
    X or R rated seems to be happening but isn’t.

    I THINK that’s what he means…

  6. I count 7 implied physical acts — 4 sex acts and 3 gropings — but since Richard asked about “rude acts” I’d count the voyeurism of the woman on the far left who seems to enjoy watching the couple on the far right a bit too much (and just what is she doing with her unseen right hand?).

  7. Some say 6, some say 7. Some even say 6 and a half which is a bit odd. I can only see 6 so I’d love to know what number 7 is. Richard didn’t say “no spoilers” so here’s my 6 from left to right.

    1. Man in chair & woman standing.
    2. Man in yellow shirt & woman in black skirt.
    3. Woman in black skirt & man in white shirt.
    4. Woman in blue shorts and 2nd man in white shirt.
    5. 2nd man in white shirt and woman in black trousers.
    6. Man in blue shirt and woman in chair.

    Can anyone add to this?

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