Just seen this and liked it….

Did you figure it out before the end?


  1. I actually figured this one out! My immediate thought was that it was one of those odd-shape-filmed-from-just-the-right-angle things, but then I noticed Chekov’s Gun in the form of the shelf in the background and it all fell into place.

    His stance is the big giveaway – it just doesn’t look quite right.

    1. My thoughts were pretty much along the same lines. At first I was suspicious of the difference in depth (distance from camera) of the “top” and “bottom” of the incline – judging by the size of his hands. But the cylindrical objects rolling down confirmed the board to be rectangular. That just left the simplest option of a tilted camera. The isolated sailboat looked too much like set dressing, and his stance looks off indeed.

    1. Same here.
      He should have leaned to the side like the table instead of standing upright (leaning to the right for the camera)

  2. Simple and effective, but easily guessable as it started in close-up. If the trick was ‘magic sticky tape’ then the director would have started wide to show ‘no incline’.

  3. Figured it out before it started. The preview still looked like he was leaning a bit so I guessed it was a tilted scene with someone trying to stand “vertically” in the frame.

  4. It was all in how the guy stood. His torso was all crooked. Who stands like that without have your legs adjusted accordingly.

  5. yes, it is very obvious because the things roll over and over again, if the piece of wood would have half length that has, it was uncertain

  6. I thought he might have been on another planet, where gravity goes different, like in Doctor Who or something?

    Then I realised he wasn’t.

  7. Did any other fans of Penn & Teller find themselves shouting “ARE WE LIVE?” while watching this video?

    For those that may not know, they used to do a more elaborate and rather funny version of this camera trick many years ago.

  8. Realised there was an angle involved but didn’t quite work it out exactly properly before the wide shot. Very good.

  9. I once visited an amusement park that had a little house with an entire room tilted about 30 degrees. When you walked into the room the illusion was that there was no tilt…just a strange force pulling everything (including you) to one side. There was a bird cage hanging at a slant, and a billiard table tilted in the opposite direction of the room about 25 degrees, so that all the balls appeared to hug the uphill edge. You could walk up to the table and roll the balls “down hill” and watch them roll back up on their own. It’s been decades since I saw it…but I’ve never forgotten it.

  10. There is a road in Scotland called Electric Brae where this happens. Cars, balls, liquid all roll up hill. It is on YouTube but more impressive in real life

  11. I love the dress but know you would glance fab in both! I cannot believe everything in the store will be 1/2 off! WOW, wish I lived closer because I love The Limited.

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