Update: First, @1030 sent me this great screenshot from the news yesterday…

Second, a few weeks ago I ran a survey and set this question…. ‘Imagine you are going to go on a blind date.  You have found out that the person you will meet is a performer.  Which of the following occupations would make you expect to find the person attractive?’  I then presented people with many different performers (e.g., magician, singer, etc.) and asked people to choose as many as they liked.  Here are the percentages of people that chose each of the options…..

So it seems that musicians are sexy and vents are not.  Any thoughts?  Would you increase your chances of getting a date by saying that you are a musician?


  1. I wonder if you did a similar survey asking people which careers they believed paid the most, if there would be striking similarities in the graph? This may sound overly critical, but I often wonder how much fame, money or power play a role in someone’s “attractiveness”.

    As to your question, I wouldn’t lie about being a musician or any of the other occupations.

  2. Since I am a musician I like this, in my biased opinion. And yet I have no girl, and no game. Better widen your research. I say this constructively. P.P………………

  3. I would be interested to know if men voted for comedians? I have been told that men dont like funny women so much.
    No real surprise, apart from the fact that so many voted for Magician!

    Thanks Richie Baby!

    1. Ah, I didn’t know what a vent was either. Perhaps more would have gone for that option if it was labelled ‘ventriloquist’.

    2. It is a ventriloquist, which is what I choose. lol My reason being I have dated all the others so that would be something new for me.

  4. All you have here is a list of careers in arranged in order of how important looks are to succeeding in their job. The only real annomaly is comedians (who don’t need to be beautiful). But most of us agree the next best thing to being beautiful is being funny (very sexy).

    Your test respondents just know if they choose a singer that they can _expect_ that person to be more beautiful because they need this attribute in order to be sucessful in their job. A test I would like to see is a list of professions where looks do nothing for your career. Is that coming up next? 😉

    1. I disagree strongly.

      Just look at all the hideous looking rockers who have been legendary womanisers over the years, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Gene Simmons, Marilyn Manson, Steve Tyler, Dave Grohl, all of Led Zeppelin… The list can go on and on….

      I admit that there is a clear gender bias here, and maybe you have a point that female musicians face more significant pressure to be “pretty” but for male performers at least there seems little association.

      Also as a post script, you’ve inferred that “musician” = “singer” which is clearly fallacious. I know lots of musicians and only a handful of them are singers.

    2. Michael, there are a decent number of ugly singers because there have been a sheer landslide of singers in total. Just visit itunes to see how many. You cannot possibly argue that looks don’t matter if you want to be a singer or musician. Pointing out some ugly singers is misleading because we have no idea how successful those same singers would have been if they had been born beautiful. I am arguing that being attractive has a strong _influence_ on the success of a singer/musicians career. More than many other careers. I never said it was a necessity.

      Plus, unless there were some very clear guidelines in the original test, I think it is conceivable that some of the test respondents might have thought musicians can have singing ability as well.

    3. but there is singer on the list: singer < actor < musician.

      and I think dave grohl is quite good looking.

  5. As regards the above comment about relative earnings – given that there are probably a lot more people who qualify as “musicians” than the other categories I kinda suspect their average earnings are lower.

    It depends of course if peoples assumed by musician “rock star” as opposed to pub rock covers band.

    I’d expect that it maybe has more to do with the relative images, or “cool factor” of each creative category.

    I wonder it instead of average income the graph is more related to the popularity of each medium?

    More people go to gigs than plays than go to comedy nights and so on…

    Singer being further down the list than musician also makes me wonder if this is because singing is viewed as a “natural” talent whereas learning an instrument or musicianship is seen as a creative skill?

  6. Monika; ed sheeran is a brilliant singer but ugly as sin and the lead singer of simply red looks like someone gave him a cricket bat and told him osama bin laden was hiding up his nose. I am an electrician, I have never once lied to “pull” but if I did I’d say I was a vet or I work with kids. Women like that rubbish.

  7. I would not say I was a musician because I don’t know how to play a single note. Starting a relationship on a lie is not a good way to go…. however if I just wanted to get my end wet I would say I played for a band and ask if she wanted to come back and “strum my guitar”

  8. Stu: listing one exception does not nullify my point. People know to _expect_ a beautiful singer, not gamble the house on seeing a beautiful singer. You must admit, singers that are ugly as sin rank among the exceptions….

  9. Based just on the professions listed in the chart, I wouldn’t *expect* ANY of them to be particularly attractive. (Except maybe a dancer, if I’m going to be extremely superficial about the fitness of my date’s body. LOL)

    Also based on the chart’s list (more or less), I would personally expect to find the blind date attractive if I knew he was a hypnotherapist. Not a “performer” hypnotist; a hypnotherapist (big difference). 😉

    Of course, that’s attraction based on shared interest and personality, not necessarily looks…. except that if you’re attracted to someone’s personality and through shared interest, they are more physically attractive to you…

    1. Or let’s not.

      Of course, we *are* talking about stage hypnotists here; I don’t expect them to be trained in or follow ethics…

      *ahem* Sorry, personal bias. I don’t like “entertainment” hypnosis.

  10. If I was on a blind date and the person said they were an actor or musician, I’d take that to mean I’d be paying.

    My theory being that if that were on a blind date, they were out of work because working musicians and actors don’t need blind dates!!

  11. Adoro seu trabalho …. quanto ao meu comentário sobre os jornalistas… foi indireto ao tom leõ q eu supús ser um que eu achei que ele estava me igualando a bruna surfistinha e tem uma glera no rio que quer m derrubar não dá pra parecer gentíl com os sngesuga dos parisitas de pseudo-amigo de infância q quando querem subir na profissão de jornalismosão capazes de fuder contigo pra se dar bem e o pior é que eu ví na tv uma entrevita do michel melamed com umcara q conhecia este meu conhecido dizendo que todo mundo gotava dele isso foi em 2005 em 2010 ele vei aqui pra feira nós conversamos eu botei tudo pra fora pergunte se ele tinha amigos? ele disse q não….

  12. For my own preference, I’m amazed the middle three didn’t rule out.

    Dancer-Magician-Acrobat are clearly the best!

    Shallowly, Dancers and Acrobats are almost bound to be in excellent physical condition. And Magicians, hello, AWESOMENESS!!


  13. Speaking as a woman who’s always had a weakness for musicians (even married one) I have a theory that the artistic aspect of the occupation is what women find attractive. Artistic in our subconscious equals sensitive, caring, romantic etc.
    A vent act is just up there making a twit of himself with a creepy doll, looking as if he has unglamourous mental health problems.

    1. >A vent act is just up there making a twit of himself with a creepy doll, looking as if he has unglamourous mental health problems.

      That sounds like my band!

  14. I’m a professional entertainer by trade, and I work as a Vent, Children’s entertainer, Magician and Comedian. When I was single, I registered on an online dating site. When it asked for my occupation, I said “Entertainer’. I wonder where that would have come. If after getting in to a conversation I was asked what I did, I told them the above. Saying children’s entertainer was always appealing to those nurturing ladies who loved children, and in many ways, should be higher up the list than magician and comedian. Also in my experience, clown should be the lowest on the list.

  15. As a working magician, I can tell you from experience that singers get women throwing themselves at them, comedians get old fellas saying ‘bet you haven’t heard this one’ and magicians always hear, ‘give us your cards, I’ll show you a trick’.

    This all comes down to people’s perception of glamour. Glamour is associated with money and fame where as magicians are seen as entertaining but sadly geeky.

    What do you think?

  16. The rupertpic is fantastic.
    I don’t get the point of the survey, presumably it shows that peoples expectations (of meeting an attractive person) are more likely to be dashed by singers than ventriloquists.

  17. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of the respondents to this survey have probably been ladies, thinking about their fantastical ideal of a performer partner, which is absolutely fine and fun. I would however, ask the question, “how many of you have actually been out with a musician?! Or an actor, or a dancer?!” I am one myself, and we are a pain in the arse! Immense hours of practice are required, coupled with a dedication to your band, troupe or production that typically strain or fracture relationships over a long enough period time.

    For this reason, ironically, a ventriloquist would probably the least difficult to deal with!

  18. I actually saw the same thing when I saw Rupert Murdoch on Comedy Central screenshot. He looks like he has horns ^_^

  19. I think Christian makes an excellent point: there may be a significant gap between cultural perceptions and expectations of people in these lines of work, and people’s actual experiences in relationships with these sorts of people. As Gem says, these results may say more about ideals than about reality.

    Still, though, I enjoyed this quite a lot.

  20. I am a lead singer, bass guitarist (and orchestra director). Like Paul McCartney, Sting, Gene Simmons, Lemmy, and Geddy Lee. Not only do I get double scale, i get double lovin’.

  21. My first bit of training began with me doing performing arts at a local college. I liked to do many forms of entertainment, and wouldn’t restrict myself to any certain genre of entertaining. I find it weird that i’m an entertainer, and that i would rather date other entertainers. Maybe it just shows i’m in the right business. As you tend to have a lot of love for others working in the same industry. They just appeal to me more. They always have hyperactive, confident, happy personalities, which is a must for me when dating a man. It doesn’t matter to me that much about whether they’re a musician, magician, etc. As long as we get on well. That’s what counts.

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