James Randi and the good folks over at the JREF have posted this very supportive piece about Paranormality – many thanks!

Also, if you are into magic, I am interviewed on Magic Newswire this week.

@psweetman brought my attention to this great illusion, where the sun appears to glow very brightly and expand….

Does it work for you?


  1. It’s not as quite expanding as it is pulsating or “throbbing”. It best works for me when I am not directly looking at it and move my eyeballs constantly. In fact, I saw it happen while reading about the line about James Randi and guessed what you were about to say about the picture. I think I’ve noticed this happen when looking at the real Sun* as well.

    *Something you shouldn’t try from ANYWHERE without proper precaution, kids!

  2. At first I thought, “This one is no good. It doesn’t expand at all. And it’s too bright and irritating to look at.”
    Then I realized that the white in the middle was just as bright as the white on the background of this page.


    It doesn’t expand for me though.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought! It was uncomfortably bright until I realized it was simply white.

  3. I first saw this on Cracked. I have never noticed it expand but on that website it was posted as a large image and it tricked my eyes into thinking it was actually painful to look at.

  4. What is strange is the effect that happens when you look at something white after a little while…..you see a big yellow sun on a white background !!

  5. It doesn’t quite expand, but it seems so bright that it physically hurts my eyes to look at it. Which is weird, since the lack of an afterimage confirms that it is no brighter than a regular white screen.

    I wonder if it’s because we’ve been conditioned to expect pain if we look at the sun.

    1. “I wonder if it’s because we’ve been conditioned to expect pain if we look at the sun.”

      To that end, I wonder if the same effect works for other shapes.

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