The Boing Boing piece on the American launch of Paranormality here attracted lots of interesting comments, and Rebecca Watson posted a nice review of the book on Skepchick here.  If you are in the USA you can buy the Kindle edition here and the physical edition here.  There’s more information about the book here.  This is the book that lots of people don’t want Americans to read and I hope that you will support the project.

OK, so to the Friday Puzzle!  The following video repeats the original video and then reveals the solution at about 1 min 30 seconds….

Did you solve it?  Any other answers?

You can download a PDF of the card box to play with here.


  1. Yep, that’s exactly what I thought, even based on the preload, but you’ve posted illusions like this before so it’s not at all surprising.

    Another possible solution could involve supercondutors.

  2. I, too, figured out it was like the dragon, and the box was inside out, right from the beginning. But I still can’t sort out (even from the “answer” video) how the box was supported. At 0:25, it’s clear it’s not touching the book. The pencil pass at 0:54 clearly doesn’t go under the corner, but on repeated viewings of the underside and of the “how it was done” section, I can’t see how the box was attached to the book (assuming it was attached to the book). The background implied that a black support was used. But at 1:14 I can see no support.

    What am I missing?

    1. To be honest it just looks like there is a black piece of card propping it up, which is attached the back of the table. It’s “hidden” by the backdrop which is the checkered squares. That’s what I believe anyway. I could be wrong!

  3. I had figured out that the box was inside out, but the means of support are still a mystery. I suspect to those versed in magic it’ll be obvious. And hence it’s not revealed here…

  4. Me too. It was clear that it was going to be the “inverted shape” thing from the very beginning, but the reveal fails to show how it was suspended above the book. Can we have a better explanation please?

    1. There’s black cardboard support underneath, which merges into the checker-board when the camera drops (only works at specific locations)

  5. I expect that a black cardboard is used hidden in the shadow of the “box”, and hidden in front of the black fields in the checkered background… Just guessing.. the “Inside out” was clearly visible by the reflections of the white edge lines as 38’…

  6. Check seconds 23-26 and 41-43, i think it is possible that stand is directly hides in front of the central black checker field..

  7. Surprisingly enough, it is a combination of the hollow face illusion (as hinted at in my reply on Friday with regards to paper dragons) combined with a support that’s hidden by the black backdrop.

  8. yes 41-43 is the ‘suspicious’ bit! But… If you pause at 43, it’s very easy to imagine a [blaock] support taped to the back of the book in line with the black checkerboard.

  9. IMO the lighting gave away the “dragon” trick, you can see the shadow of the right side (which in reality is folded upward), on the face of the deck. The means of support was harder to figure out, until you realize every time the camera drops it’s against a black part of the checkered background.

  10. I don’t get it, if there is a hidden support, why does it has to be an inverted face. Couldn’t he just attach the support to a normal empty box?

    1. Because the illusion makes you think that there’s no support when he passes the pencil below the “deck”.

    2. also the illusion makes the deck “move” so makes you think there can’t be a fixed support.

  11. I think the box is actually supported by a piece of semitransparent dark plastic or glass. One of the times the camera dips down, you can see part of the backdrop through it (unless that’s a reflection of the book – hard to tell). Also, clever how when the camera drops down the support is always right in front of a black square from the checkerboard background, so it looks like you’re seeing right through it even though you’re not.

  12. What you are about to see is one continuous shot…
    maybe stop cutting away before you set up the “trick” to tell people “I’m not cheating”… Pen and Teller would have a field day 😉

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