So simple but so lovely….

Did it take long for you to spot the man in the door?


    1. Please look from some distance. The shadow of the tree on the building/ door is creating a human face.

  1. What is it that happens in the brain with images like this? One minute you see nothing, then it’s as if a switch clicks and you see something. I can feel something happening in my eyes, too.

  2. Yeah yeah, some of you have super brains that see this stuff straight away. I have never been able to see those magic eye things either. So bog off with your ‘I saw it instantly’.

    1. Neither have I, but this isn’t like that, this is pareidolia (seeing faces in shapes). Nothing to do with super brains, it’s just something some people see faster than others. It’s not related to IQ or whatever.

    2. Did you read the title etc before looking at the pic? and were then thinking about faces,ears, hair etc when you looked at the pic?
      The face was the first thing I saw on the whole page, I then had to double-take to see the garage/garden, then I read the blub and had to hold back the ‘I saw it instantly’ . I agree it’s not an IQ thing.

  3. It took about a minute of me looking at it, but after that minute I decided to back away from the computer screen and it was almost instant. Great effect.

  4. Berber Anna – I know it’s not IQ related, it’s just annoying when people say triumphantly that they see things instantly and I don’t because their brains work faster in that area.

  5. So it would seem the real puzzle is spotting the shadows cast by the tree 🙂

    I didn’t see it at first, but found it with Richards hint of a man in a door.
    If it’s photoshop then it’s very clever.
    If it’s a real picture then it’s very nicely captured.

  6. Maybe it isn’t a shopped photo, but perhaps it is a chopped shadow. Could the ‘artist’ have trimed the tree carefully on a calm day to sculpt the shadow?

  7. It was a strange experience. For four or five minutes I was baffled. I was looking too hard at the shadow. Suddenly the negative space, where the shadow wasn’t, made the image in my brain. Wonderful!

    It would be interesting to see how the face moved as the wind disturbed the tree.

  8. It took me a while. If not photoshopped: how fun to come across that! Can see a frontal of a face, and a profile.

  9. Spent a few seconds looking at a cartoony profile of a guy with a boxers nose before seeing the ‘real’ face.

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