I dare you to watch this and not laugh….


Sooooooo well done……


27 comments on “I dare you to watch this and not laugh….

  1. Ionica Bizau says:


  2. Demonslayer98 says:

    I didn’t laugh

  3. Jamie says:

    So Funny! Well Done! Like the “Ya, Ya” !!!!

  4. I feel sorry for that dog… :))))

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish the dog had bitten him, the self-centered twat. 🙂

  6. Noel Lackey says:

    hmmm an oldie this has been around the net for weeks

  7. Birgit says:

    Ha, I knew we can’t be the only ones who dub their dogs!

  8. I saw this a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped laughing since. We quote the dog often and it always brings a smile. I simply loved it. AND, if you thought it was as funny as I did, you can even purchase a t-shirt with the dog’s face and your choice of several sayings. I agree, well done!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is great men !

  10. hypnogenius says:

    Saw this a while ago very good

  11. seePyou says:

    Dog: Yeah, awww, noooo, (poor me)
    Cat 1: I don’t care!
    Cat 2: You … (scratches you to kingdom come)

  12. AdrianRB says:

    “Covered it with what?” Hahahaha.

  13. Strubiewonder says:

    There must be something wrong with me, because I didn’t laugh either.

  14. Adam says:

    I thought it was pretty good, very well done.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Poker face..

  16. Paul C. Anagnostopoulos says:

    You’re right, I laughed.

  17. luisa says:

    portuguese version:

    at first I didn’t laugh either, but the video grew on me.
    i love it now.


  18. JohnF says:

    I won the dare! Not even a hint of a laugh.
    What do I win?

  19. mex5150 says:

    Prefer the (fake) mystic cat one.

  20. Edgar says:

    I hadn’t seen it before, and loved it!

  21. Marion says:

    Liked this- showed the family and we all laughed. Trying to train our dog to talk now!!!

  22. Sally says:

    I loved this! definitely laughed. The dubbing worked so well with the dog’s wonderfully expressive eyes and ears!

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