Fractal Tom Selleck!


Austin L sent me a great fractal Tom Selleck….

…..and I really like the simplicity of this (via Symone R)

Which is your favourite?


14 comments on “Fractal Tom Selleck!

  1. anaglyph says:

    NOOOOOO! Not the Fractal Tom Selleck!!!!

  2. Jake the Yak says:

    The Hassellhoffian Recursion was the first thing I thought of too.
    Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

  3. D says:

    The hidden beauty in a glass of water! :O

  4. Tony says:

    Defintely the water – I’m going to try this myself when I get home.
    The Selleck fractal is a nice idea, but not so well executed: the sizing of the top and second rows is wrong, leading to some overlap.

  5. hypnogenius says:

    Very clever great stuff,one heads better than 13 had to count them lol

  6. Bob says:

    Water. I think we can all agree the less facial topiary, the better.


  7. Dogsbody says:

    If you are going to have a fractal anything it has to be animated! :-p

    I’m a huge Cyriak fan

  8. selleck looks like a character from the next generation (s’trek).

  9. wow! it’s nice, very nice.

  10. aeropagitica says:

    The refraction of the lines through the glass of water is my favourite. I may have to use that effect for a future album cover!

  11. peculiarpotato says:

    It is like Alex Grey became a photographer.

  12. TS says:

    I knew it!
    I’ts Tom Sellecks all the way down!

  13. Mary Lisa says:

    here is special news for you guys….

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