Teavee sent me this wonderful video showing a camera on a hula-hoop…..

So, here is the question – did it make you feel sick?


  1. Yes I did start to feel sick pretty quickly so I looked away but I do suffer from Meniere’s disease and that my be the reason.

    1. …and also not feel the forces pushing and pulling on you if you had been sitting on the hoop.

  2. No sickness, but highly fascinated in watching the relative motion of the hula-hooper compared to how we normally see such movement.

  3. That’s interesting; from the hoop’s perspective, the girl twists around inside it, slowly moving around the circumference.

  4. What i found interesting was i didn’t realise that it took so long for one certain part of the hoop to make contact with the person again. When you see someone hula, because it goes round so fast you presume that each part of the hula hoop makes contact more frequently.
    Nice to see from the hoops perspective.

  5. Not what I would have expected. Very smooth. No motion sickness and I am susceptible to motion sickness at times.

  6. I think it’s interesting that watching something like this causes dizziness. Nothing is physically happening to me, so my sense of balance is only disturbed through visual data. Yet even if I have the window tiny, so it’s only a very small part of my field of view, I still get dizzy for a while after watching it.

  7. It was amazingly different from what I was expecting. I thought I’d notice more in-out movement. But no, I didn’t feel sick or dizzy.

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