Make P sent me these lovely images of a rather unusual toilet.  On the outside it looks like a giant mirrored box….

However, on the inside you can see out in all directions…..

I have no idea whether it actually exists, or is just a concept.  However, my question is – would you be happy using the toilet?  Vote now and comment below!


  1. I’d just be continually thinking ‘Is this a prank? Did I check all four sides before getting in? Do they flick a switch and the walls become see through from the outside too?’

    1. I was thinking along the same lines.
      It would be hard to resist standing outside pretending you saw the guy inside. You could point, snap pictures…

  2. I’ve used a urinal in a restaurant in Darwin that looks out at the diners through one-way glass as well as one in Auckland that is high up in a building but with with just plain glass. It’s a little disconcerting at first but it didn’t take long for the exhibitionist in me to enjoy it.

    1. Haha yes – I go to that restaurant all the time. The male patrons essentially have to pee AGAINST a one way glass wall that looks out on the WHOLE restaurant. Cheeky waitresses will sometime wave at the glass wall as they walk past and pretend they can see in. I have had several friends suffer from ‘performance anxiety’ in there…

    2. I’ve been there a couple of times, The Buzz as I recall.
      The biggest problem was not the waitresses, but all the women who just had to get in there to see if it was true that their men had been peeing against a glass wall.

  3. It’s bad enough at Cellardoor. A venue in Aldwich with a clear glass toilet door that only goes smokey when you lock it. A light inside the cubical maked the glass look cloudy, but you still wonder if it’s only like that from your side of the glass.

  4. Eek! No way. It’s right out of my nightmares too. ‘things’ would not function if I could see people!

  5. There’s a restaurant near me that has toilet cubicles with transparent glass doors that become opaque when the door is locked. Some people assume the glass is one-way, don’t lock the door and are hence in full view…

  6. What if, when you’re in there, someone stands close to the mirror to use it? Or someone on each side?!
    That’ll freak me out!

  7. I have recurring dreams of desperately needing a toilet and every one is filthy, or has broken doors or someone is there talking to me. I know it’s my subconscious trying to make me not wet the bed. I fear the day the dream toilet is lovely and clean and I actually go. This toilet would cure my anxiety, and then maybe cause further trouble.

  8. The clear thinking person inside me says that of course it would be fine and I could use it but the irrational side is shouting “no way” much louder.

    It’s just a bit too disconcerting for me.

  9. I wouldn’t. Not because I’d be worried that people would see me, but because my body refuses to pee when it can hear or see other people. I can’t even pee when there’s people talking outside the bathroom, so a toilet like this would simply not work for me.

  10. I guess I’d try, for number one.

    A “one-way” mirror works only when reflected light dominates over transmitted light – . If you eliminate the source for reflections, you will be able to see through. So, if someone steps up to the outside of this toilet, cups the hands around the eyes and looks through, they will see what’s behind (pardon the pun). Of course that would be rather bold, creepy, and, one hopes, socially frowned upon.

  11. the only problem i see are birds (ando other crbon based life forms) that might collide with this object…

    and i would like to know how it looks after the usual vandalism…

    and i would realls like to know how this locks if someone lights a cigarette in it at night… (or uses a lit torch and abuts it from one side…. )

    Night would be most interesting…

    1. I don’t think birds fly into mirrors, as they do into rregular glass windows. Otherwise you would have hundreds of dead birds around skyscrapers.

  12. I guess it would take some time getting used to, but once I felt confident no one could see me, it’d be awesome!

  13. Mantra, a restaurant in Boston MA, has one way mirroring on the doors of the toilet stalls. The sensation of feeling watched is not as odd as watching people who do not realize they are observed. I now have empirical proof that all women have the same expression on their faces when they really really really want a toilet stall.

  14. Excellent, I’d definitely use it. And work out where men would be standing so I could stand outside, point at the relevant area and laugh.

  15. Yeah – after really making sure, the mirror works from the outside – i don’t mind seeing people during the act, just being seen.

  16. OK, I said yes, because in principle I would not only not have a problem using it, I would be highly amused by it. In reality, however, I’m not sure I actually could use it. Once I got inside and could see out I expect I might have some issues that happen far below the conscious level.

  17. Not only would I use it but I would go out of my way to use it! Does that mean I’m a voyeur? : )

  18. This concept would make an awesome basis for an experiment, Richard. It would be interesting to see how the thinking process behind people’s attitude towards using the toilet contrasts with superstitious thinking. I wouldn’t use that toilet, but on reflection — pardon the pun — it’s utterly irrational. What really would be the difference between saying, “I won’t use that toilet because I’d feel awkward,” and saying, “I won’t walk under that ladder because I’d feel awkward”?

  19. Yes why not, specially when it isn’t a choice to make, as in a must to use a toilet or whatever lol and now they have came up with a shewee as been called, and a hewee should be as well lol indeed.

  20. I used a toilet just like this (or the exact one) in Denmark. I didn’t really have to go but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it. One of the more noteworthy number ones that I’ve taken.

  21. I would go out of my way to use this toilet. Something about this really appeals to me. Exhibitionism without the risk of ACTUALLY being seen, perhaps? I dunno, but I’ve always been disappointed there’s nothing like it in the states that I’m aware of.

  22. I’m more curious about the optics of this box. If it works as I suspect it does, it would be possible to see inside of it with minimal effort.

  23. In the outback of Alice Springs, Australia I stayed with relatives, there they have an outside ‘compost’ toilet. The toilet is housed in a brick, three-walled ‘building’ with the non-existent fourth wall being opposite to the toilet so that you sit there with the most incredible view! It was the most amazing experience – especially if you had to go at night you just end up sitting there for ages looking at the most incredible moon and stars!!!! It’s weird at first but being in literally the middle of nowhere the only passer by you have to worry about is not of the human kind! Quite possibly my favourite toilet!

    1. No way would I go anywhere near that potential spider nest at night lol you’re braver than me.

  24. I was on a Dutch beach once in a public restroom and above the urinals was this kind of one-way mirror. Not the whole wall, just from chest up. I must admit I have a rather shy bladder and almost couldn’t pee seeing people so close outside.
    This invisible toilet would be a total nightmare. Although I doubt it’s real, there’s too much light inside.

  25. The problem is: When you enter this Room, you will be so amazed that you will forgot to lock the door…

  26. I’ve been in Tel Aviv club a year ago , and the toilet was also with one sided mirror window , so you could look at the dancing people and the bar from the toilet.. Not to comfortable , (you still have some unease feeling) , but when you have to go, you have TO GO! 🙂 Especially after a few brusky -es ..

  27. “one way” glass isn’t actually real – it is a misnomer. This effect works with semi-silvered glass (half mirror, half glass). When the outside is bright and the inside is dark you can see out, but not in…
    HOWEVER, if the inside is bright and the outside is dark, you can see IN but not OUT.

    So this toilet would be fine during a bright day, but terrible at night time when you switch a light on! – People would see in, but you would only see your own reflection – not good!

  28. “Make P sent me these lovely images of a rather unusual toilet. On the outside it looks like a giant mirrored box….”

    Technically, it IS a giant, mirrored box.

  29. If this toilet were near where I worked or lived I would use it ALL the time. A strange occurence happened to me 10 years ago where I got locked outside of my house naked, it was all completly innocent I swear, but it involved me having to climb up a ladder to get back in my house through a first story window, while a crowd in communal gardens next to my house were having a barbecue and cheered me on. It was mortally embarrassing. Yet, strangely from that day I have never been worried about showing my self naked anywhere or in front of anyone (Obvious decency rules applying). I heard the same thing happened to Oliver Reed when he was extremely self conscious about his body when he had to shoot a scene in Ken Russells ‘Women In Love’ wrestling naked in front of a fireplace with another man, and after putting it off for ages after he did do it, he was forever dropping his trousers at any given chance, ashamed no more because everyone had already seen it all. I can totally get why streakers streak, there is something liberating once you get past the embarrassment of being naked in view, after all it is how we were brought into the world.

    *Disclaimer* I don’t condone deliberate nudity in front of people who may be offended or minors.

  30. I answered no, but would like to think I would. Just in reality It’s probable I would chicken out. Though I have taken a pee behind a tree once or twice when needed. Loving the toilet and it would be great to see along the high street. So long as the orange folk keep way back from checking themselves out.

  31. Maybe they should adapt that design for dressing rooms in shops. People could still try on clothes in private, but I bet feeling visible might discourage people from stealing clothing..

  32. I would really like to say yes, but I need to be more than a 100% sure that nothing is visible the outside world. I guess just because whoever is inside it able to clearly see outside tricked me into believing that there might be slight chance of visibility to the outside world.

  33. Akward, only a perv would like people staring at them while taking a dump. Maybe I would use it when I really have to go to the toilet xD.

  34. What if the mirroring was on the inside? Being able to see others, even if they can’t see you makes us feel insecure. However, everything inside you would tell you that feel much more secure if you couldn’t see out – even if people could see in!
    I am not suggesting for a moment that anyone would actually use it in that situation (apart from real exhibitionists), just the feelings of security/insecurity are interesting. A bit like children hiding their eyes and thinking you can’t see them!

  35. Here in Boca Raton, Fl, we have a fancy old-fashion Ice Cream Parlor in Meizner Park that has a bathroom that you can see in, but if the person goes in the bathroom and once locks the door, the visual blocks out. It freaks me out every time.

  36. I’ve been in one similar, but this one right out on the street is a little creepy. I think even if I was confident people could not see me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making business while looking out at strangers.

  37. I have used one of those toilets, and it was quite uncomfortable at first. After a minute or so it was just funny.

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