George M kindly sent me some lovely photos by a mysterious Swedish photographer called Erik J…..they are photoshopped, but still great…






Which is your favourite?


  1. Definitely the one with the bike. I can just imagine the person getting off, checking it out, seeing the ninety degree angle, and just sit there thinking “What the ****?”

    1. There’s a black mark on the road where the bike has stopped quickly. I thought that was a nice touch.

  2. Setting up the component photos must have been interesting, let alone the distortions / editing required to combine them into a coherent picture.

    I quite like “Worker’s Coffee Break” and “Hang havet pa waggen”.

    “Vertical Turn” doesn’t quite do it for me, and “Face vs Fist” looks too much like a flesh-coloured bean bag in front of the subject’s face.

    Looking at his website, he’s definitely a fan of M C Escher (“Common sense crossing”, “Impossible escape”, “Crossroads” and “Downside of the upside” for example), and I love the Ikea Volvo joke 🙂

    However, “Nackdalen med att hacka fort” is not for the squeamish…

  3. in Argentine Republic are a storm of “naked stars” photos on twitter: KARINA MAZOCO, KARINA JELINEK, SILVINA ESCUDERO, JUANA VIALE, ETC; and grows in exponencial type

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