Elmo decides that he has enough…..


I know it is childish, but this makes me laugh every time I watch it….

Oh, and @MrAshRhodes sent me this lovely illusion – shake your head side to side and you will see a Beatle…

Is it just me?


30 comments on “Elmo decides that he has enough…..

  1. anaglyph says:

    I love the Elmo thing. Search for ‘burning Elmo’ – that makes me laugh even more. I know I”m sick.

    You can see the Beatle by stepping back from the screen a bit too.

  2. Imagine Elmo being drunk at the time of his suicide, do you think he might be singing “feeling like a dead duck, colder than a razor blade, dryer than a funeral drum” lol

  3. FYI, “i” was able to see John may he R.I.P indeed if “i” am not mistaken, without shaking my head, also you could have used the word “nod” if you like, it is much more appreciated than to end with a twisted brain than it is already lol, and “i” do wonder if others will agree on that personal point of view and that is of course referring to my self.
    Thank You.

  4. Adam C. says:

    You know, that illusion is why restoring engravings can be so hard. Victorian printing can have some faint ink bleed through from the other side, and it’s pretty much invisible when zoomed in, for the same reason you can’t see it until you shake your head there. Zoom out a bit, though, and you get a mess.

    I have weird hobbies, yes.

  5. fluffy says:

    The Beatle one is pretty clever. Of course it’s quite easy to just replace all the black with white and then do a levels adjust (in Photoshop or whatever) but it’s interesting to see how persistence of vision is affected by the slightest variations in brightness.

  6. Dannie says:

    I can just about see it if I shake my head, but if I step back and shake my head, its A LOT clearer. It works when I nod, but the image then appears to be “flashing” rather than permanant (if permanant is the right word).

  7. J.C. says:

    I just told someone to look the picture and found out that from a distance (from one side of the computer) you see the picture clearly…

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  9. Niamhish says:

    I can see Lennon without shaking my head or moving away from the screen. Weird. I wear glasses because of a condition called astigmatism and have noticed that some black and white images appear to shaking of their accord. Could have something to do with it I suppose.

  10. seePyou says:

    one can also squint and the image appears (at least it works for me).

  11. Ionica Bizau says:

    Beatle :: So, how?

  12. Eric H says:

    To see Saint John, it was much easier for me to tilt my laptop monitor so that my line of sight was at about a 45° angle to the screen. That messes with the lcd contrast somehow, and the face was very clear.

  13. Stu says:

    I’m just glad nobody walked in and thought I was having a convulsion as I shook my head harder and harder to see the illusion. Of course, staring at those vertical lines makes me a bit queasy and I can see where they might trigger a seizure. A great illusion, but a bit unpleasant for me.

  14. Berber Anna says:

    Shaking has no effect at all, but tilting my laptop screen all the way back makes the image appear.

  15. Narg says:

    Beetle? HA, it’s John Lennon. Beetle, got it. Funny.

  16. […] Elmo decides that he has enough….. I know it is childish, but this makes me laugh every time I watch it…. […]

  17. jackjak says:

    your picture is very funny and interesting

  18. jackjak says:

    why don’t you add an pop-up scary face in the end of video
    : ) (i don;t like that pop-up too ^ ^” )

  19. nathan says:

    Another game you can play with a big stack of Elmos is “How many can you set off at once?”

    This video is me and my two little cute girls setting the Elmo World Record…


  20. katie k says:


  21. Paul C. Anagnostopoulos says:

    I can see John if I simply turn my head to the side and then move my eyes to look at the image. But if I look straight on, he disappears.

    ~~ Paul

  22. Marion says:

    Love the Elmo clip- I know it’s sick but made me and my family laugh out loud. Definately saw the beatle- very clever.

  23. Mike Torr says:

    The second illusion was odd for me because I saw it immediately without shaking my head at all. Do you people all have your resolutions set so that it fills the screen or something? For me it began about 1/8 the width of my screen and I saw the image straight away. It was only when I zoomed in on it that it disappeared…

  24. Had to tilt my laptop back to see it… when I shook my head it looked like an alien!

  25. Jerrod says:

    I really like youtube nevertheless it does have some bad things on it. Like with illegal material and things.

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