…and I will make you gasp and laugh…..

I love the fact that there is much more going on than meets the eye.  What do you think?


  1. Fun, but there was the typical camera cuts so that you don’t quite see the most important moments. Second time through its obvious that she’s controlling the fox.

  2. I recognised the ‘collar’ as a living fox before it jumped off (living animals, especially large ones like that, just look different from fur stoles). Didn’t catch the ferrets, though.

  3. @54 sec
    It almost looks like she is putting her coat back on. I think the ferrets were under the coat, and she turned it inside out while everyone was distracted by the fox. You can see there is fur on the inside of the coat as well. Still was a great WTF moment!

  4. pretty amazing trick,
    the woman is clearly part of the conspiracy.
    and i don’t like the camera cut when the coat turns to ferrets, can’t realy see how it happened, or if it is a montage cut…

  5. The coat is double-layered with flaps that fall down, first hiding the ferrets, then flipping around to “remove” the fur. in reality the fur is now under the hanging flaps that used to hold the ferrets up…

  6. It’s more obvious when you watch the same trick being done live on French TV. I remember watching it then – fabulous…loved the snake and rabbit in a basket trick better!.

  7. but anyone who has had a pet ferret knows that they LIKE hanging out in small tubes of fabric. especially if you are still wearing them.

  8. If you were being very generous, you COULD claim that it was an anti-fur message, but I’m guessing that there was no such intention.

  9. don’t approve of the treatment of animals in this. In the french tv version one of the ferrets is noticeably hurt and the “magician” has to pick it up off the stage. Disgusting.

  10. Good spot Cris

    I also noticed that one of ferrets was twitching on the floor after obviously smashing its head on the stage after it was released from the coat.

    Circus with animals = wrong!

  11. On second view I realized the fur coat was just hiding the ferrets. I would be amazed if they were able to get them to stay motionless on a regular coat.

    And then comes the faint disgust at using animals for tricks.

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