I am a fan of afterimage illusions like this….

I thought that it would be fun to use the effect to create nonexistent rainbows.  To experience this dramatic and lovely effect just stare at the dot in this image for 20 seconds and then look out of the window at a patch of blue sky (it might be helpful to click on the image to open it up full size before you start).

Did it work for you?  Enjoy the effect?


  1. I don’t have a blue sky at the moment. Just a very grey and dismal one. Not only did the effect work, it made the grey and dismal sky quite pretty.

  2. It has been widely reported that these are experiments are exteremely dangerous and harmful. Be very careful.

  3. It is nite time now. So I made a blue screen in corel draw and switched screens after staring, worked very nicely.

  4. It’s night time now so I just looked at a white wall instead, and got a great rainbow effect. The colours were lovely but it faded away after a couple of seconds.

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