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Here are 5 pics of objects that look like faces…..






Which is your favourite?


  1. Great pics, be nice to know the locations and whether they are all genuine or perhaps have had a little bit of Photoshopping..

  2. I just love no 3. (and no I don’t think it’s racist), this has to be seen from just that angle to see the face, else it just looks like an asian building.

  3. As others have pointed out, #3 reads like a crude stereotype of an Asian person that you’d find in old cartoons drawn by westerners. I wonder if it would still read as a face to someone unfamiliar with that type of caricature?

  4. The first and the last do it for me… 1=cute like the smily; 5=cute even when angry. and much more detailed 🙂

  5. Hi!
    I love your pictures of things that look like faces. Did you take those photos yourself, or did you find them on the internet? Check out my monster blog. If you like it, I hope you will send me any face photos that you took yourself, and I will post them on my blog!


  6. This is what I was not looking for at all….I was looking for the answers for my language arts simile crossword puzzle…😤

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