This is a wonderful illustration……

… many faces can you spot?


  1. 4

    Yeah, surprised to find entire bodies, too. Then again, we’re evolutionarily conditioned to easily interprete faces.

  2. I see six, and maybe a seventh. Anyone else have to search because the entire image seems so phallic????

  3. 0. Seriously, zero.
    Are these faces realistic or is it more a case of “Well… that branch there looks a bit like an eyebrow, and that tuft of grass looks like its mouth, and…”?
    I feel so left out now. I want to play your reindeer games, too!

    1. I agree. Apart from the head in the basket. The image is too small for me to see much.

    2. Oh wait, now I see three whole bodies. The penis is a good clue, it’s easier to see than the faces, and following it up I could see the whole body and face and then the other two fell into place.

  4. I see 3 faces nicely incorporated into the branches but can’t see what the beardy-guy-on-the-right’s genitals are supposed to be disguised as.

  5. 5 min. ….. 1 face (assumed face on the body on the ground) …. then pop …. 2 faces … then pop … one more face. Kind of weird.

  6. although i am still stuck with two faces and no other objects, i guess it wud have been rather interesting to see the results if the caption had said something like ‘spot the illusion or sth and not mentioned the face part……

  7. I see 2 naked old guys with a naked woman in the middle. Or is that just me?

    oh and of course the dead person on the floor

    1. I can see the two men and younger lady, plus the body on the ground and a face in the hills in the background. Plus some of the arms and elbows appear to be noses with mouths and chins below them but I can’t see the eyes above. Too focussed on the three faces in the trees and trying to see past two bushy eyebrows.

    1. And that’s not counting the person laying on the floor, because I can’t see if they have a face or not.

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