David B sent this to me…

Any ideas?


    1. Okay, now I’ve watched the spoiler video, the only part I had wrong was that I thought the girl had run into the “mirror room”.

    2. Also the guy’s hands move the disappeared camera at a different time than the image starts to move, which of course gives it away pretty easily.

  1. Nice trick… I was sure that at 1:28 the Lense should have been in the Middle of the screen… even it seemed that the motions in the Mirror where not fully synchon.. However i have to admit that i was not able to come to the right conclusion… (have to learn to think more out of the box..) Very nice..

  2. I didn’t pick up on all the subtle clues given in the reveal, but the method was pretty obvious on the first viewing – particularly the part where they touch hands.

    Mostly well done though.

  3. Very clever – I’m suspicious about Suzie getting up to walk into the kitchen. She appears to enter the kitchen, but when the camera turns round to the mirror, she’s still there in the reflection walking into the kitchen. So it’s not only the camera disappearing that isn’t faithfully represented by the mirror. I suspect the camera you see is maybe not the camera that’s filming (the movements in the mirror aren’t always precise), but the rest is a mystery to me.

  4. The magician in the video is the excellent Neil Henry who runs a magic concession in Covent Garden! Cool video too

  5. Upon first viewing, I thought the mirror looked too clean, and I expected him to push through the mirror. The disappearing camera gag was much nicer than my expectations.

    However, I think the illusion would have been even a little better with a sheet of glass, just slightly dirty, between the rooms. On the whole, however, attention to detail was excellent.

    The giveaway for me on second viewing was that, after the camera disappears, when the mirror image pans right, there is a delay before the real camera pans left.

    Beautiful, creative illusion. I salute the makers of this video!

  6. Obvious on first viewing. What did it for me was the slight lack of sync between the image and the camera movement in the “mirror”. And yeah, a sheet of glass between the rooms, artfully smudgy, would probably have helped, because I was probably primed to see the lack of sync due to how suspiciously clean the “mirror” was.

  7. Loved it, really great video. I sort of guessed at the fake mirror, but didn’t think about it too deeply, just sat back and enjoyed the show.


  8. Watching the ‘spoiler’ video I was surprised that the mirror was always a hole. I assumed that they dropped the mirror as the hand went over the lens to reveal the hole. Hmmm. I guess they really want to sell us phones, not fool us completely.

  9. so its not a mirror….. i have you ever noticed that whenever their is a bathroom scene in a film their are no direct shots at the mirror

  10. Did you see the “s” in samsung is not mirrored vertical in the mirror (except for the other letters like g)! Thats the most clear proof i think.

  11. “Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.”
    — Jean Cocteau
    What was done here Cocteau did in many of his films. The camera looks directly at a mirror, but the mirror does not reflect the camera.
    Francis Ford Coppola pays homage to Cocteau and does the same samsung illusion in Peggy Sue Got Married.

  12. Enjoyed watching this- think I understand generally how it’s done, but not really worried the overall effect is pretty good. Now to show it the the husband and kids and get them thinking!!!

  13. I first noticed that when he approached the mirror, the lens should have been in the center of the picture. I didn’t guess that it was a window. Earlier in the video, you see a true reflection of the camera in a chrome pot. And why didn’t they film the reveal in HD?

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