Three more lovely pictures today…..

Which is your favourite?


  1. I definitely like the third. I have a strong suspicion, due to the lack of any depth of field effects that would result from such a picture, that it is fake.

    1. @miggy there are definitely two planes. The unless it’s an 80 foot monstrosity, the bird is definitely in the foreground.

      @miggy @M I’m afraid I need to correct myself here. I’m afraid I was thinking of photography in terms of professional equipment. I completely forgot that cheap disposable cameras, older cellphone cameras, and cheap webcams are simply the advanced equivalent of the old pinhole camera. They do not need to focus, and thus are able to capture an entire scene without blurring.

      Given this insight, I am now inclined to say that #2 is my favorite.

  2. they’re all good amateur snaps, no3 has great timing, no2 has had peanuts, but I like no1 best, it’s someone clowning around making me laugh (similar to the guy with compressed air last week)

  3. Definitely the second one. The other two could’ve easily been staged, and I find it pretty impressive to catch a picture of a bird like that.

  4. This is what I say:
    First one-Wasting Coke : (
    2nd One- AAAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Run away Hope he don’t poop on my car
    3rd- I like it because I would do that if given the chance

  5. Just to let everyone know, i heard that the second picture was taken from a live webcam of a city that only took a picture once every minute… what a coincidence!

    1. Not exactly coincidence..if it takes a photo every minute, it has 1440 chances to get a photo like this per DAY. And if it runs all year round, that’s 525,600 chances to get a photo like this!

    2. Dear Mr Anonymous,
      I work for a company that is interested in paying big money to people who are unable to detect sarcasm! If you’re wanna work with us, please reply with your first name, bank acct. number and dress size.
      Fay Kai Dennity

  6. nr 2 comes from a webcam in the Netherlands (Utrecht I believe but I could be mistaken) that took random pictures of the street leading up to the market square. I believe it was part of a city project and the bird in the frame was accidental. It was posted on several media-websites a few years ago.

    I love nr 3, perfect timing almost impossible to get this right on the spot if you want it to, but sometimes you click at exactly the right time 🙂

  7. I love number 2! It reminds me how different bird’s lives are from ours. I know, not a deep insight, but it does the trick very beautifully and with humour. Oh and by the way Richard, shouldn’t you try to give sources for these pictures, at least some attempt at “giving credit”?

  8. Oooh, I love both of those. Which would you be more comfortable in? I know that you like wearing tights and those types of tops, but the maxi would be pretty summery!

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