If you like the Friday Puzzles, there is now a page containing 101 of them here.

OK, onto today’s puzzle….three riddles for you this week…..

1) When I’m going, it doesn’t mean I’m moving,  I can stop even though I don’t go anywhere, and I don’t have any arm but I do have hands. What am I?

2) He who makes me sells me, he who buys me does not use me, and he who does use me isn’t aware of it.  What am I?

3) I begin with an E, I end with an E and I only contain one letter, but I am not the letter E.

As ever, please do NOT post any answers, but feel free to say if you think you have solved them and how long it took.  Answers on Monday.


  1. The first and third one’s I got on first reading. The middle one stumped me for a little bit though. Got them all within five minutes.

  2. First and third are, once again, so ancient they’re in the fossil record.

    2 I just assume is some sort of spy camera device because I’m not as clever as a five-year-old.

    1. On second thought, I can think of an answer for the second one, but I don’t think it’s the intended one.

  3. About 5 minutes; #1 and 3 took about a minute each; #2 took longer, and to be honest, I rather think I have AN answer rather than THE answer.

  4. I got the first as I read it, I’d heard the second before, and the third one utterly stumped me – for about thirty seconds, when the answer suddenly popped into my head the moment I stopped thinking about it.

  5. Hope I’m not giving anything away (but most folks have got it quickly – If we have the same solution) but for the third puzzle, it doesn’t have to be one letter does it? (Even more pedantic comment could be that it could be the letter E)

  6. All quite easy even for a non-english speaker and solved within a minute.
    But there are exceptions to #2. I know someone who has bought “it” and is already using “it” and intends to continue to use it.

  7. Got all of them super quick this week (under 10 seconds each). I feel awfully clever! I think it must help doing all those cryptic crosswords.

  8. 1 and 3 were easily solved before coffee. 2 took me untill I was on my way home and I’m still not certain coz with my answer he who made it may use it, he who bought it may use it and he who is using may have made or bought it or he may have won it in a raffle.

  9. 1 was easy-seen 2 before-3, still stuck on (if u need help with 3 then here it is-while awake and asleep u are usually aware of what u are using, keep that in mind when working out this puzzle)

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