This is a lovely and somewhat strange illusion. Stare at the red dot in the left-hand image for about 20 seconds, and then look at the centre of the right-hand image. All being well, lots of strange stuff will happen in your brain…..

Did it work for you? What did you see? People seem to see different things.


    1. a 3Dish net like thing.

      maybe i wasn’t focusing as much cause partially i’m trying to count to 20. (i’m a bad multi tasker)

    1. Same here. Also, while staring at the red dot I became VERY aware of my eyes’ natural saccade, because every minute perturbation showed up quite immensely.

    2. It’s supposed to be grayed out. Your eyes suffer retinal fatigue looking at the white zones (contrasted by the blurred black) and show the negative of the image (white turns to black; black causes little fatigue), so when you move over to the next image, the “fatigued pattern” fits over the white, creating a solid image in your brain, even as a patterned image sits in front of you.

      At least, I *think* that’s right. lol

  1. For about fifteen seconds, I saw a thick line going from top-right to bottom-left turn all blurry and flicker a lot. It was quite freaky.

  2. For me, the right image went flickered a bit before going completely grey, but I also got a faded image to the right of that, presumably from having had an image just to the right of the one I was originally staring at.

  3. I also saw it turning flat grey and rippling effects after that. I did not see a checkered pattern or flickering. It is pretty freaky, that’s for sure.

    1. I had a similar experience. The left image moved smoothly to the left one time then oscillated side to side.

  4. Yeah, it works. Basically, parts of the image fade in and out. Sometimes it’s only the lines in a “/” direction that fade, sometimes it’s only the lines in a “\” direction that fade, sometimes it’s only a particular section of the image that fades, and sometimes it’s the whole image.

  5. Effect 1: almost disappeared entirely. Superseded by Effect 2: checkerboard only at the bottom right hand corner up to the middle and blank at the top left to middle, superseded by Effect 3: rugby ball shape with a cross in the middle. Then finally flickery and twitch and general fuzziness back to the general fuzzy original.

  6. Some of the lines disappeared and others became more prominent so the star shape disappeared – kind of looked like half of a three-dimensional ball for a while at one point.

  7. good variation on the theme of retinal retention – using one image to cancel out the other – and waves , not unlike the original title sequence to Dr Who (1963 version) appear to result.

  8. Hmm, I saw a quite clear 3D ball in the center, then it started alternating between the cross stripes thing and nearly blank grey.

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